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I want Sketh out of MWA

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I want Sketh out of MWA

Post by Prayme on 2014-10-13, 16:30

cameras fades in showing up Rosario Jr backstage talking to Gato.

Rosario Jr: I want him out! I want him out now!

Rosario throw a punch to the wall

Gato: wow calm down bro!

Rosario Jr: I can't keep calm you don't know how I'm feeling right now! My chances to become the face of the company got ripped off my hands easily...

Gato: Have you seen how bad I did versus that lady...what's her name again...the french legend...Leana? I got beaten by a woman...I would give everything to be in your position right now!

Rosario Jr: Trust me you wouldn't...

Gato: true...

Rosario Jr: I will make Sketh regret to cross path with me...I will shine again...he will crawl back in the shadows where he belongs with AXN!!!

The camera zoom in on Rosario's face as he Gives a evil smirk fading out to the next segment
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MWA Next Generation!

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