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You're fired!!

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You're fired!!

Post by Prayme on 2014-10-14, 21:58


Prayme Rosario the owner of Montreal Wrestling Alliance has been reviewing some contract for the past few days and some contracts are way too high for some of them who are clearly not giving their 100% for the company many contract as been expired and others will in a few days.Prayme Rosario is trying to build his company along with people who are motivated and dedicated to make this federation a home and the best place to be in as he always say '' Team Work is the key'' unfortunately it's not the same for some of members of MWA.
After having a complete review of the contracts we gave warnings but it hasn't been enough so we will wish good luck to these following talents in the future.

17. Reks
Online 4 Hours 9 Minutes ago
The contract is expired
81 5

14. Ray
Online 12 Hours 49 Minutes ago
202 10

8. Rayne Storm
Online 2 days 1 hour ago
970 9
15. Marco Reus
Online 9 Hours 27 Minutes ago
151 9
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MWA Next Generation!

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Re: You're fired!!

Post by Guest on 2014-10-14, 23:21



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