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Operation 4 investments: First we get the money

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Operation 4 investments: First we get the money

Post by Prayme on 2014-10-14, 22:24

Pre-recorded Video is shown on the titantron showing Prayme Rosario on his office talking to someone but doesn't show who is the other person.

Prayme: So have you found any other intruders in the company?

The person throws a document on his desk.

Prayme: What is this?

The person answer revealing with the voice the person is a woman.

Woman: This is the plan you asked for.

Prayme: Operation 4...true with this operation we will be able to control everything without losing a single penny...

Woman: It will only increase the views...increase the revenue...and probably will get us higher on the rankings.

Prayme: To be honest I don't care about the rankings...the others can do whatever they want...they can be number one I don't care...what I do care is have my company in the If this works out we will shock the world.

Prayme pulls out a cigar and light it up

Prayme: First we get the money...

Video cuts off
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