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The Hero of Justice has arrived

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The Hero of Justice has arrived

Post by Guest on 2014-10-14, 23:15

Chris is seen walking in backstage for his first appearance at MWA. He first begins with his interview with Rachel.

Rachel: "Chris how does it feel to leave one company and come to another?"

Chris: "Rachel to be completely honest I was tired of wrestling at the Colosseum. There was no competition after my brothers left. It just became boring and no excitement in the arena. It was so blunt there. I am glad to have moved up in the ranks company wise. Time to take the next step in my career."

Rachel: "Why don't you tell use a little about yourself."

Chris: " I was born and raised in the outskirts of Alabama. I am a born and raised southern man. When its time to get serious then I become serious but besides that I'm laid back and don't like to pick fights. I became a wrestler because that was my passion. I wrestled in college and in high school. Won state a total of 4 times. 2 years in highschool and 2 years in college. I am the youngest of 4 boys. But I will declare myself the best of the four. We have never fought each other besides two of them. We try to stay out of each others way. When we are together its like tornado because all there is destruction among us. To answer your question, who I am, what I am, well that will all be figured out in the ring."

Rachel: "As I hear what you say, would say Wrestling is your true passion?"

Chris: "Wrestling is my favorite of all things, I would do anything to wrestle everyday, all day. Wrestling has brought so much joy because winning titles, meeting new friends, and new rivals. Everyday I get to do what I love which is wrestling. So yes I would say Wrestling is my true passion."

Rachel: "You told me that you have been wrestling ever since High school. Did your father wrestling as well as a child?"

Chris: "My father wrestled for one of the biggest companies around in his days. He taught everything he knew, but he didn't teach all the same thing. Out of the 4 we all have different techniques of wrestling. Some of us like to be fast, some strong, and others balance. We didn't want to be the same, so our father taught different techniques that he thought would make us beneficial in the future."

Rachel: "Do you still talk to your brothers?"

Chris: "After they all left the Colosseum we have not talked as much. The only one I do not stay in contact with is Devan. For he is very mysterious and does not talk much. But in overall no we do not stay in contact."

Rachel: "As that effected your wrestling career at all. Not having your family there to support you, even if they are doing the same thing as you."

Chris: "To be honest no it really has not effected me. Growing up we were taught that one day we would have to count on only ourselves. That we would be in different places, so we grew up kinda distant from each other."

Rachel: "Being distant is not always a good thing. Might not tell it now but one day you will. I hope everything goes great in your career here at MWA. Thank you for the Interview."

Chris: "Thank you for taking time to Interview a rookie. Hope you have a great day Ma'am."

Chris walks away from the interview heading to the locker room.


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Re: The Hero of Justice has arrived

Post by Prayme on 2014-10-14, 23:25

wow very good little Wink
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