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Week 2 rp Rayne Storm

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Week 2 rp Rayne Storm

Post by Guest on 2014-10-16, 17:00

*As the titantron and fades to black and all the lights in the arena turn off. All you see hear are sirens and this song play. RS walks down the ramp with a pyramid on his head slowly, as everyone in the crowed is shocked, he raises his hand and 2 sets of pyros blast from the stage.  then walks to the ring*

RS:..... *groans, and the titantron shows the roster of MWA* I want him *RS points to Chris Little*

Commentator: What in the world is happening? Who is he?.

RS:.... You.. *points to (Commentator)*

Commentator: Wow looks like you just made a new friend Tim.

RS: I don't speak much, I let my fists do the talking. First night here, I want someone from the back to come out here and get beaten by a god. He will know Silence.... *Raises hand as the pyros shoot out of the corners of the ring and the lights fade to black, all you hear is a sharp dragging on the floor*

Commentator: Well this should be an interesting night, and an interesting debut for Rayne Storm, wouldnt you say (Commentator)... (commentator)?

Commentator: I.. I just don't know what to say. I don't have a good feeling about him at all. I don't think he should of been signed...

*The lights turn black as someone comes to the ring*


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