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Prayme and Dark history.(been worked on by prayme and me.)

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Prayme and Dark history.(been worked on by prayme and me.)

Post by Guest on 2014-10-17, 01:17

The camera cuts to Prayme who is sitting in his black leather chair in his office Behind a beautiful glass and timber desk,smoking a cigar,wearing a beautiful 2 piece suit.

Prayme:"Ladies and gentlemen,I would like to tell you a little story about a very lost boy, you have seen,we have showed you some footage of a poor demented man who was locked away for a long,long time.I found about this young man,who was feared as far as Ireland,brought up by the nuns,lost,alone,misguided.I  decided that i could do what 3000 years of medicine could not.What i am going to show you took along time,so i will only show you a small peace.This is about Kevin Dark,Some say the son of the bansee..some say the spawn of the devil?What you will see might scare you.So please if you have small kids,please take them out now..this is 100% real..thank you.."

The screen goes blank and come back on a few minutes later.It is footage shown from a recorded dvd..It shows a dark room,possibly a cellar.The footage shows a big dark steel box tall enough for someone to stand inside.Deep dark breathing can be hear as it also shows prayme walking back and forth looking at the box.Rubbing his head and holding a stun bar he pulls up a chair.Prayme Looks at some notes and cracks his neck and leans on his knees with his hands locked forward.

Praybe:"Hello kevin,Can you hear me?"

The strong sound of breathing still heard but no answer but a little grown,like a sleeping tiger.

Prayme:"Kevin,My name is Prayme.I am the one who took you out.You see i..was like you,well not as bad but..i had nobody two.I was an Orphan for a while but.."

Before he could finish the Kevin started to bang the box hard,Growling in a very menacing,unhuman like moan and growl sound.

Prayme:"Kevin,please settle down..I don't want to shock you son.I want to help you not hurt you,You see i have plans for you my friend!i want to teach you,make you great!"

Kevin again bangs on the large steel box,leaving a small dent this time.the camera zooms into the bared 3x3 window on the box to see  light red eyes looking around,but not much else as the room is too dark.A loudish whiskery growl comes from kevin before going to speak.His voice not of a child,but as a deep dark demon,not human like but clear to understand.Surprisingly the accents soft irish

KEVIN DARK:"In would have to let me out,Even then,what will..not KILL YOU"

Prayme smirk

Prayme:''I don't think you will do it...I know you won't...why do you think I came here and got you out of this asylum?''

A moment of silence where only the sound of the heartbeat and the slow breath can be heard

Prayme:''I've been there...son...I know what you're thinking...why you're doing this...and what you'll be doing for the next hours...''

Prayme pulls out of knife from his pocket

Prayme:''You can take that knife and can try to stab'll be death way before you're starting believing in god...son''

Prayme drops the knife in front of him and smirk.

Prayme:''Join me...''

Kevin growls and starts shaking inside the steel cage for a few months,the banging loud and trubbing ecos go around the room with every thump.Some thump marks appear on the steel cage.

Kevin Dark:"DO NOT CALL ME SON..I AM NOT YOUR SON!I AM THE SON OF THE DARK ONE!YOU WILL FEAR ME! YOU WILL DIE BY MY HAND.Grrrr!"Mortal..*sniffs a few times* "Why don't i smell fear from you..?"

Prayme start to laugh

Prayme:'' Why should I fear you? Fear is the absence of confidence and lack of trust in your refuse to listen when i speak...that's why you don't understand why I'm immune to say you're the son of the Dark One...what If I told you the dark one only in your weak mind...just like God exist for the Pope and all these weak minded humans? I've been in your position...I've been in the darkest room in my head...and trust me when I's all an illusion by the fear you created to look at yourself in the mirror and realize who truly you are...afraid to realize how weak you are...but if you...stop now and join...tomorrow will be the day where Power is what you possess."

The footage goes black as a voice over of prayme comes in.

Prayme:"As you can see,we had ourselves some back and forth and a while later we had ourselves a chat,a talk,though i done most of of it.He he would say smell or sense what i was saying had truth to it,but was the roster ready for him.If your wondering yes,that man did indeed try and attack me.Trying to say it was.."the dark ones way"..I new i could help.This man demon could pick things up fast and i new i could work with him,,in time.

The footage comes back to a old dusty time gym.The scene are taken from two different cameras from different weeks.

The footage shows prayme,in his judo type outfit doing some moves in the middle of the room as a dark cloaked type of outfit,the fans don't get to see a face,but see a white,long fingered,sharp nailed something copying prayme against what looked too be training dummies,had to be strong of course.The man had been till locked onto 3 big thick chains with enough room to move but not enough to cause harm.Once again praymes voice come in as the fans watch the footage.

Prayme:"He had already torn 5 of the dummies i have bought him and not as aggressive to be i new i had to keep him restrained yet able to work his task.I believe we had an understanding and he new i was here only to help,befriend even this one known as the demon of the dark one.Soon i believe i can release him to the arena.After all he was only mortal right..?"

The footage soon ends as the screen goes back to MWA in white with a blue background.The camera goes back to the arena as a stunned arena still looks at the screen and whispers pass some of there lips.The camera goes to the commentary table to were the two lads shake there heads and fix there head mics.

Rick Love:"Oh..dear..god..ahh?...Ramon do we need to call the ghostbusters out on this cat?"

Ramon Sucre :"Hey look how do i know..the guys a man right..we don't know what prayme is thinking?He takes this..this thing out and traines him..guess time will ahh..back to the real world i guess,?"


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