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War: Phase 1 (If me and Henlar win our matches) (Henlar join in please)

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War: Phase 1 (If me and Henlar win our matches) (Henlar join in please)

Post by Guest on 2014-10-17, 08:32

"Something Different" by Godsmack hits the speakers, as GiwRgos Mars walks towards the ring, holding a mic.

Mars: "One down, one to go. And this one isn't anyone. It's the boss's boyfriend, one of the men I DESPISE the most in this planet. The "Legendary Chilean Wrestler" Henlar.

He seems ready to explode in anger.

Mars: Henlar, if you are listening I want you to know one thing: No matter what happens today, if one of us isn't unable to wrestle anymore in his life, or walk, this war YOU started, WILL NOT BE OVER!

Crowd cheers for him.

Mars: "You know it, I know it. We hated each other from the first moment. Then you did the mistake of attacknig me, and suddenly, all my will got devoted to END you!"

Mars: It doesn't matter what Prayme wants. It only matters what I want, and for once, even the people agree with me: WE WANT TO TAKE-YOU-DOWN!"

Mars: "Because you chose to mess with THE MOST VICIOUS, THE MOST INTELLIGENT, THE MOST COMP-..."

Your turn bro.


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Re: War: Phase 1 (If me and Henlar win our matches) (Henlar join in please)

Post by Henlar on 2014-10-17, 21:06

Henlar's music is aired through the speakers interrupting Mars. Henlar inmediately appears with a microphone in a hand and goes directly to talk with a sarcastic smile in his face.

Henlar: you know something funny about this? I am never the one coming out for myself... there is always someone calling me out. When will be the day Henlar comes our for himself?

Mars: Well old man... young wrestlers like us do that just to make sure guys like you didn't have a heart attack or something... specially after matches like the one you already had.

Henlar: Funny Mars, funny as always...

Mars: I am not funny my not-so-young-friend, i am just being realistic... in fact if you want to quit so you can go to rest at a retirement home, you are free to go.

Henlar: Nice try Mars, nice try... but you aren't going to save your ass from being kicked by me so easily... later tonight... I will get that belt... and take you out in the process will be a precious moment to remember...

Crowd boos heavily after that comment, while Henlar points his waist with both hands.

Mars: Tonight is only the first phase of our war Henlar... this is just the beginning...

The camera fades away.

(you can add more or leave it like that if you want bounce )

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