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Ronnie Steeler training montage

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Ronnie Steeler training montage

Post by Guest on 2014-10-17, 20:32

The camera shows the commentary table, where Ramon Sucre and Rick Love are sitting, with big headphones on their heads talking about what events happened in the show so far. A clip starts on the titantron, a deep female voice begins to speak.

Voice: Many people believe being a professional wrestler consists of going to shows, wrestler and go home... But all those people are wrong. The match is nothing but the result of the thousands of hours spent before it.

Ronnie Steeler appears in the video doing jumping jacks. The part cuts off and another one starts where he is running up and down the stairs of a stadium.

Voice: The pain, the suffering, the will to go further are just some things these wrestlers go through to be able to show you their best. 

Now, Ronnie Steeler is shown running with a sledge tied to him and there are 2 45lbs plates on the sledge. Next, Ronnie can be seen sprinting uphill, being visibly tired at the end of the hill. He takes a few breaths and lays down.

Voice: How are these wrestlers supposed to fight if they are not able to wrestler more than 3 minutes? Conditioning... is the worst part of any fighter's training. It does not make the muscles only tired, but it also it tires from inside. The muscles feel like they can do the same thing two more times, but inside, one feels like he's drained, can not do anything more. The 2nd priority of a wrestler is strength. And there are few better places than the gym to improve that.

Now, Ronnie is gripping a barbell that is on the floor, slowly moves it, the violently lifts it over his head and slams it back to the floor. Then he is at the bench, pushing the barbell which has 2 big plates and a smaller one on each side. His face looks red, veins are popping out on his neck and face. After that, he does pull-ups. After 5 reps, he is pulling harder and harder until he stops at the middle of the rep and can't pull himself any higher. He lays down on the floor and extends his arms.

Voice: As you can see, the wrestler life is nothing like you imagined it. It is a constant juggle between work, family, free time and training. And if one dares to say a wrestler is not very good he should think that the wrestler is still 5 times better than him.

The titantron becomes black again. Rick Love and Ramon Sucre just turn their head back and look at the camera.

Rick Love: We have just seen some impressive pictures of Ronnie Steeler... probably training for tonight's Last Blood Match against Marcos Reus. And as much as I would like to predict, I can't because we haven't seen these wrestlers yet.

Ramon Sucre: I'd go with Ronnie, he trains hard. When he was bench pressing his faced looked like he was holding back a fart... that must be intense...

Rick Love looks at Ramon both disgusted and confused and after a couple of seconds he proceeds to apply himself a face-palm. Still covering his chin, Rick says.

Rick Love: Please, don't say anything the rest of the show...


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