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Police brutality

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Police brutality

Post by Guest on 2014-10-18, 14:23

The camera shows a plaza from Montreal. The camera zooms in and shows Ronnie Steeler, who is wearing a thick blue jacket that covers up his nose, black sweatpants and trainers. He appears to be looking at the evening sky, the sun is down, stars can be seen here and there. As he is walking, he is getting closer to two police officers with a dog. When passes by them, the dog barks at him, he quickly turns around, makes a gesture that clearly shows he got scared then says.

Ronnie Steeler: [CENSORED] [CENSORED]! [CENSORED] [CENSORED] scared me!

The officers approach Ronnie looking angry at him. The cameraman appears to be walking closer because the image becomes shaky. The two officers stand at a 45 degree angle at both sides of Ronnie. They seem to be speaking:

Officer 1: Do you know you just broke the law?

Ronnie's eyes become bigger, he start blinking faster with the right eye than the left.

Ronnie Steeler: I what?!

Officer 1: You offended the canine officer, and that is equal to offending a human officer.

Ronnie Steeler: You mean I broke the law because I cursed?

Officer 1: You cursed at the canine officer, and that's punishable.

Ronnie Steeler: I simply cursed because I got scared. Also, I don't believe there is a law the forbids cursing [CENSORED] dogs.

Officer 2: You have to pay a 200 dollar fine, without the option of paying half if paid in 48 hours.

Officer 1: Secondly, why are you covering your face?

Ronnie rolls his eyes and extends his hands with palms facing the sky.

Ronnie Steeler: I'm not allowed to do that either I guess...

Officer 2: Technically, you are, but that makes you suspicious.

Ronnie Steeler: I [CENSORED] am on the [CENSORED] TV almost weekly, do you think I'm [CENSORED] hiding my identity?!

The officers look at each other then move closer to Ronnie trying to immobilize him. He takes a step back and asks.

Ronnie Steeler: What are your names?! What are your names?! It is mandatory for you to introduce yourself if asked to!

They don't bother to reply him and keep trying to immobilize Ronnie. The first officer tries to grab Ronnie's arm and put him to the floor, but Ronnie pulls his arm back and pushes him away when suddenly a baton meets his back, then his head. Ronnie falls down and the two keep hitting him with fists, legs and batons. Ronnie trying to defend himself kicks with his right leg and hits the 2nd officer between the legs, seeing this, the 1st officer starts hitting harder. Ronnie manages to get up but finds himself sprayed in the eye with pepper spray. Blinded, Ronnie swings punches around with the right hand while covering his face with the left. The 2nd officer gets up and hits Ronnie in the right leg with the baton and Ronnie falls down again. The image becomes really shaky, sign that the cameraman started running towards Ronnie and the officers. When the cameraman gets closer and officers see him they go towards him. 

Officer 2: You are not allowed to film here!

Cameraman: We are in public and so I am allowed to film! The camera is for my safety!

Before he can say anything else, the camera gets thrown to the ground and the cameraman starts to take a pounding too. The camera lays on the right side. The cameraman is seen laying on the ground, half of the two officers and then a dark figure behind them appears. It is Ronnie. He grabs the 2nd officer's hand, pulls him making the 2nd officer turn around then connects his knee to his head knocking him out. The first officer turns around and his face expression reveals that he realized he doesn't have a chance in a one-on-one fight, then orders the dog to attack Ronnie. Panicked, Ronnie swings his right leg and hits the dog right under the chin leaving it on the floor, possibly dead. Ronnie looks back at the 1st officer and sees him trying to run away. Ronnie runs after him, puts him to the ground, takes out his handcuffs and locks the officer to a streetlight. Ronnie then comes back and looks at the cameraman who doesn't seem too damaged. After that Ronnie picks up the camera, points it toward  himself and says.

Ronnie Steeler: I am going to use this camera as evidence. [CENSORED] the police!

He looks back at the dog.

Ronnie Steeler: For now, I'm going to take this dog to the a veterinarian.

The camera now shows Ronnie's trainers, a bit of blood seems to on them, then it goes black.


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Re: Police brutality

Post by Guest on 2014-10-18, 14:36

Also, please write under the rp, with big ass letters so it can be seen



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