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Match or no match?

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Match or no match?

Post by Guest on 2014-10-18, 15:30

The camera shows the entrance of the MWA arena where a figure is slowly going inside. Inside, it appears that it's Ronnie Steeler. He is walking towards the doctor's office. When he gets there, he opens the door and sits on the closest chair and puts a camera on the floor. Seeing his condition, Brian Lee, the doctor, rushes to Ronnie, helps him up and lays him down on a bed.

Brian Lee: Ronnie, what happened?

Ronnie Steeler: You didn't see? I was attacked earlier by two police [CENSORED]!

Brian Lee: Take your clothes off, I must examine you.

Ronnie takes off his jacket, then lifts his arms and Brian helps him by pulling off his shirt. Ronnie lays back again and now Brian pulls off Ronnie's trainers and sweatpants. Multicolored bruises are all over Ronnie's body, especially on his midsection. Brian cautiously puts his hand on the bruises on Ronnie's side. Ronnie's face expression reveals that he feels some pain caused by Brian touching the bruise.

Brian Lee: You're lucky! Your ribs are not broken, but they're gonna hurt like a [CENSORED] later.

Ronnie Steeler: Already does.

Brian checks out the rest of the bruises then looks at Ronnie's head to see if there is any damage. Apart a big hump on the back of his head, the doctor finds nothing. After that Brian takes his echograph scanner, applies lotion to Ronnie's body and starts scanning.

Brian Lee: Hm... everything seems fine inside too. But, to make sure, we'll go to the hospital and have an MRI and CT scan. You have a match tonight, don't you?

Ronnie Steeler: Yep.

Brian Lee: Well, not anymore. At least not if they're not done until your match begins and I'm sure you can wrestle. If we get the results, everything is alright, and we get back in time, I'll allow you to wrestle, ok?

Ronnie Steeler: Just the answer I was looking for. The name 'Steeler' seems suitable in this case, doesn't it?

Brian Lee: Damn, you still can make jokes? Get dressed and let's go.

Camera fades back to arena.


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