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Apocalypto (Part One): a Night Above the Greats Ones

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Apocalypto (Part One): a Night Above the Greats Ones

Post by Guest on 2014-11-12, 12:44

Once upon a time, during the Full Moon of September, when the summer, the nature's life, leave the place to let the Automn and the death reigning, some people in a village, in the deepest hole of the continent, believe that above them, there is some spirits, and all of them are servants of the Greatest One: The King.

This King, full of powers and kindness, would be able to bring whatever his servants want: peace, happiness, wealth...

But The King always has an enemy: The Devil.

A monster who always tries to take the throne. The legend says that once the Devil is on the throne, nature dies and let the coldness, the illness falling over the world. He won't let the dirt drinks the rain, and freeze the water falling from the clouds.

Over the day and the night, there is rules that King and Devil have to respect: No disrespect for the King and Devil's role: All souls must go to the House of Voodoo, and both of them must be the one to bring them; No direct contact with humans: The King and the Devil should not be in contact with humans directly; and No direct fight between The King and the Devil: If so, they will break the balance of the universe.

Seeing that the Devil is gaining power, the King, Loas Azaka, decided to break one rule: make a virgin pregnant. Once he did that, he went back to his castel over the sky, and wrote a letter in which he said that he will give his eternal life to give birth of a new generation, young and strong, which could beat the Devil for ever. 

What Loas Azaka didn't know, is that the Devil got the same idea. The two women, twin sisters, are pregnant. 

During the 9 following month, some changements occured in the sisters' lifes: When one is considered as an Angel, full of kindness and generosity, the other is despised, guilty of all sins. This changement broke the relationship between both sisters, and the Devil's wife left her village, to live far from the civilization.

9 month later, both women gave birth: a male for the Devil, and a female for the King.

Both kids are blessed by their own fathers. 

When he saw her daughter, the King let a tear dropping on her, and said his last words to her: "Welcome to the world, my daughter, my star, my treasure... I'm sorry not to live with you, see you growing, see you walking, see you laughing, see you being a woman... I'm sorry not to be here in your happiness moements, not to take you in my arms when you are sad, not to warn you when you make something wrong... but never forget one thing: I will be always proud of you... I love you..."

He disappeared in the world, as dusts... letting her daughter alone in this world full of threats...

The Devil, seeing his son, looked so proud. Even his own kid can light the rest of the Devil's heart. 

"One day, you will be the King, my son. My life, My Power, My Treasure, everything I had in my whole life, is yours now ! Be the King !"

The Devil, during his disappearance, pronounced his last words:

"Welcome to the World... Loas Nago..."


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