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Christian key interview

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Christian key interview

Post by Guest on 2015-01-20, 02:36

Rachel stands backstage with one of the young lads from the tourcher division who stands wearing black wrestling tights with two gold crowns on the sides, black boots and a trow over t-shirt with bits are best in red.

[color=#6600FF]RACHEL:" Hello and welcome my guest at this time Christian key. Hello Chris. "[/color

Christian nods moveing closer to Rachel.

RACHEL :" Christian you are one of many of our young guns waiting the big lights. How has it been?

Chris smirks and looks at her for a moment and with a strong English accent begins to speak

CHRISTIAN :" Alright lass, look ya it's going good ya know, in the proformas centre everyday training my ass of ya know but like I really need to get out there and show em all what I got ya know? I am a member of the chamber ya? Well I can tell ya now ya I will put a reall technol high flying hurting on my oppent ya? Give me 10 minutes and any of the other kids want two play ya il take him our and let em go home in a bloody body bag babe..Ok that's me out, thanks babe".

He winks before walking away as the screen fades.


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