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Interviewing the future champion

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Interviewing the future champion

Post by Guest on 2015-01-20, 10:16

Camera flashes backstage, where Rachel LeBlanc is standing with GiwRgos Mars next to her.

Rachel: Here we are with #1 contender for the MWA Heavyweight championship, GiwRgos Mars. I am sure there are many questions for him, for example, we all saw you offering Helena Noir, our Titanium champion, a place in your team to take down the Mercenaries, which in my opinion is a terrible idea, since she is overagressive and you already have Loki in your team who is a plain weirdo so...

Mars: First of all no one cares for your opinion. Second, there isn't such a thing as being overagressive, she is just a dynamic woman, third, I didn't listen any questions.

She seems quite annoyed.

Rachel: The question is, what are the criteria to pick the current members on your team?

Mars: Well, Sketh is the only one who had supported me here from day one. Loki's situation is weird cause I have never spoke to the guy in my life. As for Helena, even if she hasn't joined us YET, well she is smart, extreme, has title gold, is dynamic and astonishingly beautiful. The whole package. Next question, I don't have all day.

Rachel(irritated): OK. You have never pinned Henlar in your 3 one fall matches. What makes you confident you will make it today?

Mars: Well, on the last matches I was either inexperienced or outnumbered. Do the math for today, beauty queen. Consider me your next champion. And then, Sketh gets his intercity title back by our help and Helena becomes untouchable. We will reign for as long as we please and we'll do this fairly.

He grins.

Mars: You don't need to thank me. It was my pleasure. Now, on to destroy mr. Plastic champ.

He leaves as camera fades to black.


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Re: Interviewing the future champion

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