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Get the hell out of my head!

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Get the hell out of my head!

Post by Guest on 2015-01-22, 22:36

The camera goes to a dark roomed area somewhere in the belly of the arena.The camera move around seeing big pieces of bone and trash around the floor.. over in the corner sits a dark figure,hood up and rocking back and forth.Some candles light around the room.

Ture out the segment the the camera moves from different sides for Kevin

KEVIN DARK:"No no no.. how no how can you let this happen to me!


kevin dark:" I do not like been played farther..i was meant to leave her in the middle of that ring broken!"


Kevin stands up and throws the table across the room,leaving a small trail of dust around the arena as the camera man shakes and moves back

KEVIN DARK:" I DO NO HAVE MORTAL FEELINGS FOR THAT B#$%CH! I was supposed to win,you were supposed to give me the power of the mortal demon himself to win this title instead i have not one weak girl but three men that could go rather way"!!


KEVIN DARK:" Stop just..stop.. i underestimated the girl before i walked inside.I saw her as been a weak mortal yet she stood toe too toe with me in that ring.. I seen no fear, i smelt no fear of a her..

Kevin is seen walking around the room,kicking at a turned over chair and stops at some weights on the floor with concrete blocks on each end.Removing his hood for the first time in mouths the camera zooms in on his face but from the shoulders up.

KEVIN DARK:" Tonight shall be different..tonight i shall bring the fear of the dark underworld..Yet what i am i to do..reap the rewards of the mortal souls..or too protect the other evil that already is running around...? Helena we will face again..we shall go face two face."


KEVIN DARK:" REALLY..we..shall...see master..we shall see..!"

The camera pans back as Kevin grabs the chair to be seated before placing back on his hood as the camera fades.


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Re: Get the hell out of my head!

Post by Prayme on 2015-01-23, 00:53

great role play Razz brother

( forgot to press send ) few hours ago Very Happy
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