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Champs (Helena Noir/Reaper ) only

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Champs (Helena Noir/Reaper ) only

Post by Guest on 2015-01-23, 02:24

Camera turn on in the halls as Helena Noir slowly makes her way towards her locker room

Helena Noir: Hey guys what up sorry I can't chat right now but I'm running late and I

Out from a corner step a Hugh figure of a man stopping everyone in there tracks ,the camera crew shakily slowly turn to reveal the image to be none other then Intercity champion Reaper

Helena drops her gear and ready herself for battle .

Reaper:Hey,Hey now little lady I'm not about beating down little girls for fun not my thing .

Helena eases up her guard

Helena Noir:Well What did Mr. Rosario send you to see me to what try scaring me into join your group (ha ha) Cause its just not working .

Reaper: No to be honest none of the Mercenaries even know I'm here .

Helena Noir: Well then what do i owe this great honor to have the all mighty Reaper come see me ?

Reaper laughs

Reaper : You know I came to see you just to tell you no matter what way you go Mercenaries or Team Mars doesn't matter its business we all have our choices to make some good some bad ,me I'm in it for the money nothing more nothing less You your in it I think to prove you can not only make it but that you can hang with the men and beat them at there own game .

Helena Noir giggles

Helena Noir :Well you see this title around my waist well it screams just that and Reaper don't yet this little girl image as you say fool you cause one min your champion the next this little girl kicking your ass .

Reaper :Hey anyways cool your jet just want to tell you you have my Respected your a true champion with a warriors sole just one word of advise don't let this business eat you up and should we face off in the ring remember its nothing personal just business .

Reaper step a side to let Helena pass the two brush  each other in passing

Reaper:Hey Champ stay true stay you .


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Re: Champs (Helena Noir/Reaper ) only

Post by Helena on 2015-01-23, 19:18

Sorry, I just saw this Razz Anyway, I don't think I owe you any kind of answer for this, it works perfectly. I say let's just kick it into the show like this, nothing more to add. I like how you kept everything right in the middle, not trying to buy Helena into the Mercenaries. And maybe we can work on the fallout of this for next week Wink
In 2 words... GREAT JOB!
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