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Wait, what?

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Wait, what?

Post by Guest on 2015-01-24, 17:23

[coach jose and ronnie card]

Ronnie Steeler and Coach Jose are standing in the interview corner. Ronnie is dressed as usually with a white tank-top,grey sweatpants and trainers. Coach Jose stands upright with his head up, looking at the camera with a professional face, his clothes don't seem to be full of swat as they usually do.

Coach Jose: Hello senores and senioras. I am standing next to one of MWA's hot prospects, Ronnie Steeler.

Coach Jose turns to Ronnie Steeler and looks into his face.

Coach Jose: Welcome Ronnie. How do you feel about your first season in MWA? In my opinion it had it's ups and downs, but overall we can say that for a rookie it was better than expected.

Ronnie Steeler: Shout outs to MWA world. Well, what could I say about my first season? I won my first match, and as the season went on I got to fight for the title and it just slipped out. It could've been better.

Coach Jose: Ronnie, last week, in the first show of the second season you managed to get a win over the legendary Jess Grimm. How do you explain that?

Ronnie Steeler: Honestly, I had my doubts before the match, I mean, I wrestled one of the greatest ever but I was able to get the win. That's probably because he is getting old and weak while I'm getting stronger, faster, more motivated. I know I can and I WILL! From now on, Ronnie Steeler will be unstoppable.

Coach Jose: Strong words at the beginning of the season. Tonight you have an extreme match against Flawless Freddie and SD Coleman, what's your plan?

Ronnie Steeler: Plain and simple, got out and win. I know that Freddie is a really good wrestler, but I'm 100% sure I can defeat him. About SD Coleman, dunno, never seen him so I'll have to be careful, but I'm not worried.

Coach Jose: What are your plans for this season? Do you think you'll get a title shot again?

Ronnie Steeler: My plan is to become better and better, win all my matches, and if I do that, I'm pretty sure I'll get a title shot.

Coach Jose turns to the camera.

Coach Jose: Senores and senioras, Ronnie Steeler!

Camera switches to the commentators table.

Rick Love: Wait, what?

Ramon Sucre: What's wrong?

Rick Love: We just saw a Coach Jose-made interview... and it was quite good, what happened? This is weird, nobody fell, got hit, nobody made fun of him or other thing like these.

Camera fades back to a corridor of the building, secretly showing Ronnie and Coach Jose.

Coach Jose: So, let me give you some advice for your footwork. Look.

Coach Jose then proceeds to side step with his right foot followed by the left, the steps inside in the same order. He keeps doing this for about 15 seconds going faster and faster. Ronnie stares at Jose's feet almost drooling and with his eye radiating amazement.

Coach Jose: See? This will make you quick like a lightening. What do you think?

Ronnie slowly raises his head while a big retarded smile appears on his face. 

Ronnie Steeler: WHOAW! This is amazing!

Coach Jose proudly puts his hands on his hips and stands like a glorious statue in front of Ronnie.

Coach Jose: Isn't it?

Ronnie looks Coach Jose deep into the eyes, when his facial expression quickly becomes serious in a mocking way,.

Ronnie Steeler: NO! It's [CENSORED] retarded.

And then Ronnie walks away, while Coach Jose slowly sits down, leaning against the wall, let's his head down and wraps his arms around it.


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