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MWA takes a shot to MAD's show

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MWA takes a shot to MAD's show

Post by Prayme on 2015-01-25, 18:05

Ramon Sucre: Papi, the show is going crazy the crowd is on fire tonight they getting what they wanted!

Rick Love: Indeed the hottest show in the cold winter of Toronto once again a sold out show Montreal Wrestling Alliance is growing faster than expected partner.

Ramon Sucre: Not only MWA but now that TCD has their show as minor for MWA people are trying to buy tickets for Torture Chamber DiviZion also.

Rick Love: Yes that is true but just like the boss said more fame more enemis!

Ramon Sucre: He also took a shot at our fed's rival Mental Azylum Division, take a look at the screen.

A pre-recorded video is shown on the tron Prayme getting interviewed before the show start by TMZ and other interviewers.

Mr.Rosario: Following the question of '' Am I afraid of reaching the top ? ''  What kind of question is that? Do I look like a man who never reached the top before? (offensive word) I've been at the top of my game since the day of birth! I took a dead company on my shoulders and made it a billion dollars business and now you're asking this kind of question? Next question!

Interviewer: Sir now that MWA is heading towards a TV deal and TCD is slowly taking more time on the internet do you fear that Mental Azylum Division will attempt to take TCD from you again?

Prayme takes his sun glasses off.

Mr.Rosario: Look into my eyes and tell me if I have a fear? No! I don't have any...I've been to war before and if Mental Stupid Division want a war they know where to find me they can bring the whole MAD community if they want but MWA will bring them down to reality! They had their time to MWA is rising towards the top! And no one will stop us from getting there!

Interviewer: If you had a message for them what would be?

Mr.Rosario: Didn't you just heard what I said punk? If they want a goddamn war bring the goddamn Roster and we settle this old school style mothaf$&c*!!

video stops

Ramon Sucre: Well dayummm papi our boss doesn't mess around!

Rick Love: Atleast we know we don't have a pussy as GM.

Ramon Sucre: I agree papi now I hope this won't get too heavy to handle if it ever happens again!

Rick Love: I don't think so we have a whole roster ready to fight for MWA.

Ramon Sucre: Are you sure? Look what Prayme is doing is screwing every wrestlers going against Henlar and his power.

Rick Love: I think he didn't realize yet but Henlar isn't best for the business maybe a couple of years ago but people wants new
like Mars! Sketh! Helena Noir! Loki! Reaper!

Ramon Sucre: Wait was Reaper an old member of MAD?

Rick Love: I don't recall but I don't think so.

Ramon Sucre: Anyways let's hope the future of this company is much brighter than this right now!
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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