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Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

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Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

Post by Guest on 2015-01-26, 15:41

The scene starts up in a hallway in the back of the arena. The camera seems to be an eye view of a wrestler as each time the head turns the camera moves with it. seeing some stars hanging around the hallways talking to production staff and managers the camera moves down a different hall were the names of the wrestlers can be seen on the doors.Heavy breathing can be heard threw the speaker as the hallway no darkens with only a few lights round,the camera looks at the door with the name Helena Noir is seen.Looking back and forth from one side of the locker room to the other the door handle is heard moving as the door slowly opens up into the locker room.

Moving inside the person looks around making sure there is no one inside.We can see divas dressing gear and makeup on a table on one side of the room.the other is some suitcases and shoes.Moving around the person walks over towards the make up set and wigs. the camera looks down t the wig and a arm with a  black jacket and black leather gloves are seen picking it up moving it towards the camera leans. A sniffing sound is heard as if he was sniffing the wig before putting it down again on the table..then looking threw the make up..The hand is seen picking up some red lipstick and the lid been taken of..A slight dark evil giggle  is heard coming from the person. The lipstick however is not replaced as the person moves now to the other side of the room..The person looks at the walls showing some posters of Helena wrestling is seen...the dark hand is then seen to grab the poster and tear it of the walls.The ripping sounds are heard clearly as the person continues to tear it into peaces dropping them to the floor.Looking around again a big black bag is seen on the floor.Like a black rubbish sack. the person unties it and reaches inside removing a dead pigs head.,Still bloody and covered.

The figure is seen to leave it on the counter before looking around and grabbing the bag and walking of towards the door..but stop and looks back at the head and a sigh is heard with a slight shake of the head before the person leaves. A lot of horrid sounds are heard coming from the fans in the arena seeing the head of the pig before the camera fades with the closing of the locker room door.


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Re: Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

Post by Helena on 2015-01-27, 12:44

OOC: Prayme please add a commercial break between Kevin's RP and mine

As we get back from commercial, the camera is on Rachel Leblanc, who's drinking a cup of coffee with Marc Lachance and Garry Mendez. Suddenly, a woman's scream breaks their chatting.

Rachel Leblanc: "What the hell was that?"

With a really concerned look on her face, she jumps on their feet and runs towards where the scream came from, followed by the cameraman and the security team. As they came to the locker room area, they hear someone sobbing, right behind a door.

Rachel Leblanc: "Oh my God, it's Helena's locker room!"

Without any hesitation, she opens the door. Laying on the floor there's a woman, visibly shocked.

Rachel Leblanc: "H- Helena?"

The girls turns back, revealing herself as Miss Maskara.

Rachel Leblanc: "Maskara? WHat are you doing here? And what happened"

She hugs the interviewer, looking for some sort of confort, trying to stop tears falling from her eyes on her mask.

Miss Maskara: "I... I always came here to hear some advices from Helena... She... She wasn't here tonight... And then.. then I saw that..."

She breaks down in tears again.

Miss Maskara: "Oh my God, that's... horrible!"

The two security men walk toward the point indicated by Miss Maskara followed by the camera. As they see the pig head, they both turn their head away from it, one of them Lachance seems like he's almost throwing up. Rachel, who's still on her knees consoling miss Maskara, seems worried.

Rachel Leblanc: "What''s there guys? What's wrong? Can someone please tell me what's going on?"

Helena Noir: "Yeah I would really appreciate that too. What the hell are you all doing in my locker room? You two, get back on your feet"

She passes next to Maskara and Rachel without even looking at them, just motioning the two girls to raise back on their feet. She gets closer to Lachance, still bent down, andputs a hand on his shoulder.

Helena Noir: "You're not really thinking about puking in my locker room, aren't you?"

The security member shakes his head, with both hands on his mouth.

Helena Noir: "I knew it... so get the hell out of here!"

He runs away, almost stumbling on the treshold. Helena finally notices the pig's head. A disgusted smirk appears on her face.

Helena Noir: "I knew I have some twisted admirers, but giving me a pork's head as a present? This beats them all... Hey moustache, would you mind to take this trash ut of my room?"

Garry Mendez: "Sure ma'am!"

He reluctantly covers the head with a towel and takes a trash bag, throwing the macabre gift in it. He then stares at Helena, who simply points her finger to the door, showing him the way out.

Helena Noir: "Are you done crying Maskara? I never thought you could be so easily impressed"

Rachel Leblanc: "And I never thought you could have been such a (censored)!"

Rachel lifts her head up and stares at Helena, who's face is not revealing any kind of expression. Miss Maskara immediatly unwraps her arms from Rachel, taking a few steps back and looking at Helena, fearing her reaction. After some seconds of silence, is once again Rachel who speaks her mind.

Rachel Leblanc: "You know since your first day in this place you have been bullying on me. You made fun of me, you disrespected me, you threatened me, and you never lost a chance to make me look like a fool. And every time I swallowed everything, I tried to be professional I really did. But this is way over the limit. Me, Marc and Garry were having a moment of relax, we heard someone screaming and we thought you were in danger. We were worried for you, and, instead of thanking us, you came down here and act like a (censored)! I can't think of another way to describe your behavior, and I'm sick and tired of it... I'm done with you!"

She runs out of the locker room in anger.

Helena Noir: "Well, I was about to apologize with her for my behaviour in the past weeks, but this changes my plans..."

She walks towards the mirror, looking at her make-up set.

Helena Noir: "That's weird, I'm sure I had a red lipstick... Have you taken it Maskara?"

The girl shakes her head. A furious expression comes on Helena's face, right before she takes a compact mirror and throws it on the other side of the locker room, over Miss Maskara's head, on an empty part of the wall right between two posters, where a third one was supposed to be. She quickly walks out of the room, followed by the camera.  
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Re: Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

Post by Guest on 2015-01-27, 13:01

Very Happy Love it


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Re: Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

Post by Guest on 2015-01-28, 18:21

The camera then turns back to what seems like a head cam as it peeps around a corner with the heavy breathing again. it begins to follow down the hall way hiding in doorways every now and then as he watches Helena as she looks back every now and then before stopping to talk to staff and walking away again. Footsteps can be heard on the floor as the person begins to walk but turns of not following any more before the camera fades followed by a harsh deep evil giggle


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Re: Haunting the Hunter(open to Helena Noir)

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