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The red sea will flow

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The red sea will flow

Post by Guest on 2015-01-26, 16:08

The camera shows a dark dusty room with a lot of skulls and a few candles flickering on old wooden shelf's. the camera moves further in to the dark dusty room and pans over to the right to show Kevin sitting in a old Gothic style bath with what appears to be a bath of blood where he sits.

The camera moves around Kevin slowly as some small candles sit around the sides of the bath.Kevin opens his eyes showing the red beams from the light in his eyes as he gives a little smile and puts his hands together.

KEVIN DARK:" The first kill was a mistaken twist of the knife through skin slicing upward to connect with his beating heart gushing red crimson blood like a cut up pipe he didn't see it coming,laughing in my face after years of keeping the demons back of holding the rage of the abuse inside of repeated rape by one who was meant to love The second kill A deliberate stab deep into the chest Watching in glee as the skin turned cold And the light fade from his eyes forever Old men who took pleasure in defiling kids Ruining their lives and letting the demons in Watching them fall helplessly to their end The third kill Was to feed the hungry monster within, Giving in to the evil desires living in my head Dark shiver course through my body And pleasure overwhelms,whetting my demonic appetite They plead for their lives,lying on my palm My insane eyes,the last thing they beheld Before heading straight for hell This is for all the tortured souls Broken and shattered by those human monsters Who should love and care for them Instead of making their childhood a living hell Threatening them to live in silence with the monsters And nightmares a child should never endure. That is what my opponents faced last week.Now i bath in there blood..powered by there souls..they are weak,empty vessels left for dead in the ring. The same faith that shall be seen among the rest of the roster if i please.Helena you will hand over that scared my love. the devils coming..soon.

Kevin starts to give a dark evil laugh before sinking down into the bath of blood as the camera man turns running out scared as the camera fades.


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