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Where's the security?

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Where's the security?

Post by Helena on 2015-01-28, 09:07

A furious Helena Noir is walking backstage, looking for someone. Rachel enters the frame walking behind her, a worried and sorry look on her face.

Rachel Leblanc: "Helena, can you please stop for one second?"

Helena stops, but she doesn't turn. She just sands there, waiting for the interviewer to reach her and move in front of her.

Rachel Leblanc: "I.. I am sorry, I think I overreacted earlier..."

Helena Noir: "Yes you did."

Helena starts walking once again, but Rachel moves on the same direction, blocking her way. The Titanium Champion seems to be very annoyed by her behaviour.

Rachel Leblanc: "Calling you... how I called you, wasn't professional. I think I owe you an apology, and since Billy the cameraman told me that you wanted to apologize too, I think that maybe we should leave everything behind our shoulders, and move on..."

Helena's expression doesn't change, but her voice seems to be a little more calm.

Helena Noir: "Rachel we can work this out... later! Right now, I'm very busy. I must find the Security Chief's office, and I must find it soon. I have this rage building in me, and I must let it out. So unless you want to be on the receiving hand, I suggest you to move away, and let me find it..."

Rachel gulps, as she notices Helena's fist clenching. She quickly sidesteps.

Rachel Leblanc: "It's just over there, turn left at the end of this hallway, climb up the stairs it's the first door on the right."

A forced smile appears on the champion's face.

Helena Noir: "Thanks honey... If I were you, I would follow me.. This is going to be interesting, and you can ask me a couple of questions once I'm done..."

The two women head towards their destination, followed by the cameraman. As they climb the stairs with a quick pace, for a split second what seemed to be a human figure can be seen lurking under the stairs, before disappearing quickly back into darkness. They finally arrive at the office door, and Helena opens it, without even knocking. Inside the office, Rebecca Brown, the head of security, is sitting at her desk. In front of her, standing on their feet Garry Mendez and Marc Lachance, the two guys that were earlier in Helena's office. The three members of security immediatly turn looking at the door where Helena is standing.

Rebecca Brown: "Miss Noir, I know why you are here, but I must ask you to wait outside. until Marc and Garry are done doing their report..."

Helena Noir: "Well, think again, sweetheart. While the three of you are here playing Sherlock Holmes, that maniac (censored) who busted in my locker room, left a pig's head in there and stole my lipstick and a poster to do God only knows what, could be anywhere... He could have also left the building!"

Rebecca Brown looks at the two agents with anger.

Rebecca Brown: "You never mention missing object..."

Marc Lachance: "We never knew about that.. Miss Noir sent us away before... before we could do any further investigations!"

Helena Noir: "I sent you away before you  threw up on my stuff! And I sent your buddy away because that thing had an horrible stench, and I didn't want my clothes to smell that way!"

Both men lay down their heads, as they were admitting their faults. Disappointed, Rebecca Brown shakes her head, and leaves her desk, approaching Helena. She places her hand on the champion's shoulder.

Rebecca Brown: "I promised you Helena that this won't happen again... And of course, we will do everything in our power to find out who's the offender."

In what looks like an unexpected kind gesture, Helena places her hand over Rebecca's one.

Helena Noir: "Thanks Becky!"

The Head of security smiles, while Rachel is looking at the whole scene with her mouth open, astonished and barely believing she's seeing a fragile side of Helena. But it only lasts a few more seconds, since Helena rudely pulls Rebecca's hand off her shoulder, changing the expression on her face.

Helena Noir: "But what about now?"

Rebecca Brown: "Excuse me?"

Helena Noir: "Why don't you three start looking for the creep that violated my privacy RIGHT NOW?"

Rebecca Brown: "We have a protocol to follow. I must fill a report, inform Prayme about what happened, and if he authorizes, we can finally start looking for clues."

Helena Noir: "Good idea, go on and tell him how someone was able to sneak in the locker room with a pork's head without anyone of your men noticing him... And don't forget to tell him how missed to notice it despite your job is to constantly watch those camera feeds looking for any weird thing..."

Rebecca Brown freezes for a second. She then quickly turns to Lachance and Valdez.

Rebecca Brown: "Come on guys, let's go find this S.O.B. Call Bennet and Hussein, tell them to sift the south side of the building. Move! MOVE!!"

As they leave the office, Helena smiles pleased, as she looks all over the office.

Helena Noir: "This looks like a nice location for an interview, don't you think honey?"

Rachel Leblanc: "I don't think we should..."

Before she can finish her sentence, Helena is already taking a seat on Rebecca's chair, in front of a monitor splitted in four, showing diferent places of the Arena, changing every ten seconds.

Helena Noir: "This is interesting, let's see what we got here... I wonder if there are cameras also in the guys' locker room..."

She pushes a few keys on a keyboard, until she's able to change the feed on the monitor from four simultaneous camera to just one. She then begins to click quickly, jumping from an image to the following one. She smiles seeing Rebecca and the rest of the security team searching for clues near her locker room door.

Helena Noir: "Come on Rachel, don't be shy! Ask me!

Rachel Leblanc: "We.. We saw earlier you exchanged opinions with Mars..."

Helena cuts her out.

Helena Noir: "And I think there's nothing more to add. I was ready to go against the authority, and go against my beliefs to join him. Now I'm glad I didn't, as he seem unable to realize that, unless he starts playing with the Mercenaries rules, he's going to crash and burn. Too bad, I was starting to like him... Hey, here's your boyfriend, Loki..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Oh please, he's not my boyfriend..."

Helena Noir: "I really hope so. I know this kind of guys, no matter how hard they try, they always end up hurting girls like you... Hmmm here's the new kid, Henri Black. Looks like he's warming up for his match..."

Rachel Leblanc: "What do you think of him? He made a statement last week, and tonight you'll face him in a submission match."

Helena Noir: "True.. Well he has shown an attitude, but injury someone taking advantage by sneaking behind him after a match, and being able to submit him in a fair match are two different things. I made some of the so called tough guys in MWA tap out. What about him? He has everything to prove yet. But you all have to wait another week to see something good out of him. Tonight he steps in the ring with the very  best MWA has to offer, and I'm not in a good mood. So, since you are new here, I kindly suggest you to keep your sledgehammered friend away from my business, if you care about him. And, if you care about yourself, don't even try to resist the pain. As soon as it hurts, you better give up."

Helena looks back at the screen, quickly switching from a camera to another. Suddenly, a hooded figure pops up on the monitor, standing right in front of the camera. Automatically, Helena clicks next, but soon she freezes.

Helena Noir: "Who the (censored) was that?"

She goes back to the previous camera, but the creepy figure is no longer there.

Rachel Leblanc: "What's wrong Helena? Are you ok?"

Helena Noir: "Yes... No... I don't know I thought I have seen something.. Any other question my dear?"

Rachel Leblanc: "Actually yes. We saw Kevin Dark last week winning a number one contendership match for your title, and send a message to you. Your thoughts about facing him, once again?"

Helena Noir: "I saw this coming. Just as I told Prayme last week, no matter how many times he puts Kevin on my path, putting him in #1 contendership match against guys who are barely able to lace uptheir own boots... There's no way Dark can take the Titanium Championship away from me. I don't need to worry about him, I already proved that he's not on my league. I have more things to be concerned about, like watching my back from possible Mercenaries attack, since I refused to join them, and of course, some weird fans leaving horrible gifts in my locker room and taking souvenirs away..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Well this is all. Thanks for your time Helena, this was Rachel Leblanc live from... ehm... the Security Office. Back to you guys!"
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