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I'll Discuss this with the fans.

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I'll Discuss this with the fans.

Post by Guest on 2015-01-29, 15:42

The camera cuts on and Chaos Master is hanging upside down as usual,in preparation of his match but Derrick seems to be more heated on the sideline

Derrick: I don't know why you do this brother,the side you've picked,you know Mars needs you more then the mercenaries ever will,but thanks to this chaos alignment you feel that it's best to stand aside and let the mercenaries rule the show.

Chaos Master looks in shock that Derrick is insulting his lifestyle

Chaos Master: My dear brother,I just can't turn away from this alignment with evil,you know that leaves consequences.

Derrick: Oh yeah,the forces that be,forgot about those guys and gals.

They sit in silence for a minute but then Derrick breaks it by throwing a chair

Derrick: You know what you are!? You're a coward! You know if it was you back in the day you'd stand against the forces,not because it was the right thing to do,but because you know as well as I that as soon as Mar's alliance falls,so will the rule of MWA,it's already pretty much a losing war,but with you in there it can become promising.

Chaos Master: A coward? I don't think I've ever been called such thing and I don't know how to feel,and this isn't back in the day,I agree with my GM's now to not get fired,and also like you said,it's already a losing war,why add my head on the guillotine to get chopped off? Plus I've got way more to worry about,Destiny's case,my chance at the big time is neigh and I won't let thoughts of Mercenaries or Mars clog my brain.

Derrick: If you win the case you'll have to fight the mercenaries anyway,I'm sure Henlar will still be champ,all I'm saying is think about it.

Chaos Master: You know what? I'll ask the fans tonight how they feel.

Derrick: You actually going to fans? That's a first!

Chaos Master: Well I need more of an opinion then my brother who has always been self righteous and is crushing on the interviewer,now get me down from here.

Derrick undoes Chaos Master and they walk out the door

Chaos Master walks hastily to the ring swifting past interviewer Rachel Lablanc,Rachel notices and decides to get Chaos Master's attention

Rachel: Chaos! The GM said everyone in the Destiny's Case qualifier has to interview

Chaos Master: Well you can tell Mr. Rosario that he can shove it up his...

Derrick pulls Chaos Master to the side and talks to him,Chaos Master looks angry but walks over to Rachel

Chaos Master: Hurry up and ask your questions,I have a meeting with the fans.

Rachel: Okay,what is your plan for your match tonight against Sanji?

Chaos Master: He is of Japanese heritage so I will say it in Japanese first,Watashi wa anata no hone o kowasu,now in English. I will break your bones,be afraid,be very afraid.

Rachel: And your plans on if you make it?

Chaos Master: When I make it,I like to take my plans one day at a time,so once I do win I will be planning my moves for the match,now I must get going.

Chaos Master and Derrick walk away and Derrick turns around to say something to Rachel but is dragged away by Chaos Master

The camera cuts to the arena as the lights are out,there's a flash of light and Chaos Master is in the middle,he grabs a mic and puts it up to his mouth

Chaos Master: Did ya miss me?

The fans have mixed reactions to Chaos Master

Chaos Master: First off I would like to congratulate Kevin Dark for taking advantage of the fact that the number one contenders match wasn't one fall,but he and I are alike except I would never get caught up on some wrestling traitor like he is,and one more thing...

Chaos Master can't hear himself talk over the disapproval of the fans at his implication that Helena is a traitor

Chaos Master: I didn't wanna say any names but yes,Helena Noir is a traitor. It shouldn't matter if it was 1 on 100 you should still try and help your comrade,and if I was Mars I wouldn't trust the CENSORED. Not saying that as a way of sexism I'm just saying it is what it is.

The fans boo for Chaos Master as he shrugs showing that he doesn't care

Chaos Master: I'm gonna change the subject there and talk about my alignment choices,your know the powers,we have the forces of evil,The Mercenaries.

The fans boo at the sound of the mercenaries

Chaos Master: and the forces of good,no names,you know I think I'll call them the spartans,considering it is 300 against a 3000 man army in the mercenary,but more because of how much Mars likes to dress up like Leonidas.

The fans laugh at Chaos Master's joke

Chaos Master: You know,I really liked that,maybe I should just join Mars. I miss the cheers. The laughs.

Derrick and the fans go crazy as Chaos Master starts to think but then he shakes his head no and everybody becomes devastated.

Chaos Master: I-I can't do it,I've made my alignment and I'm sticking to it.

Derrick grabs the mic from Chaos Master

Derrick: No,I refuse to keep this up,you chose your destiny not mine so go ahead and chose your alignment but I'm not following anymore,not even out of this ring.

Chaos Master looks at him and talks without the mic as if asking him if that's really how he feels,Derrick shakes his head and Chaos Master looks as if defeated,he puts his head down and starts to walk away,the fans boo him all the way up,he turns around and takes one last look,then he walks out and the scene fades to black


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Re: I'll Discuss this with the fans.

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