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Washed up or Getting Started

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Washed up or Getting Started

Post by Guest on 2015-01-30, 20:43

" We open up to see a single spotlight shine in the ring, illuminatins a steel ladder. the shadow cast by the ladder upon Jax Reynolds , who removes a cigarette from his lips and blows a cloud of smoke into the air, all the while staring above the ladder"

Jax: Washed up? Is that what's happen to me? Do i have it in me anymore? Am i nothing more then a simple spark on the end of a cigarette , glowing red hot before burning out.

"Jax flicks the ashes off the end of the cigarette out of the ring and takes another hit"

Jax: that's all I hear online. Oh that Jax just not the same. He's has lost a step well that maybe true cause for the first time i am lost for words.

"Jax takew a final hit off his cigarette and flicks it."

Jax: Perhaps I should just not bother trying. Maybe Ill start new here in MWA and keep my big mouth shut for once. Actually let someone else get the spotlight and Ill just help build the new guys and just job and smile.

"Jax steps towards the ladder and places his hands on the rung that is at his chest."

Jax: But,hell, who am I kidding? I'm not stepping down just cause keyboard warriors write on their blog about stuff they no business writing about. Truth you online fools can keep knocking on me but it won't knock me down.

" Jax slowly begins to climb the ladder. he continues to speak"

Jax: The way I see it. I may have lost for words about some guy I'm facing tonight. But that's just it, he's just someone so yeah internet i am lost for words but not lost of my skills my ruthless blood thrusty ways.

" Jax gets to the top, And straddles a leg over the side of the ladder. Leaving Jax sitting on top of the ladder."

Jax: Washed up? Naw just getting start!

The scene cuts away with on top waiting for his match."


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