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A leader's responsabilities

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A leader's responsabilities

Post by Henlar on 2015-01-31, 06:58

A big hotel room is shown with a lot of luxiorous stuff in it. Henlar is sit in a big and very confortable couch drinking a vodka and watching the tv. At the top of the tv is the championship.

Henlar: This is a life of a champion. Relaxing while my folks work and my enemies and taken care of... what could be better?

Henlar close his eyes and stretch his body when suddenly his cellphone rings.

Henlar: oh come on...

Henlar answer his cellphone taking a look at the name of the caller first.

Henlar: Beerserker! good to hear about you buddy! What happen?

The camera get close to Henlar's face and the voice of beerserker is heard.

Beerserker: Good good, you seem to be of a good mood.

Henlar: Yeah of course! After last week i can't complain... maybe that loki guy interfered in my plans but i am still the champion! And that's all that matters and it's all thanks to you guys.

Beerserker: Well i am glad to hear that i guess. So where are you?

Henlar: I am in my hotel room relaxing for a bit. I am not in tonight's card so...

Beerserker: But you know, Ventura and me have matches tonight.

Henlar: oh yeah right... well good luck with your matches, try not to get hurt.

Beerserker: That's... that's all you are going to say? I have an important match tonight. I would like some help from the leader of the mercenaries, i mean i have help you out week after week!

Henlar: You want my help?

Henlar smiles and start talking like if he was about to laugh out loud any moment.

Henlar: And what happen to the great and mighty Beerserker, son of a god and all that crap?

Beerserker: What? And what happeedn with the almighty champion needing interference every week to win?

Henlar change his face and get serious.

Henlar: Well technically you guys made me lose last week, but that was part of the plan anyway...

Beerserker: So you are not going to help me? And what about Ventura?

Henlar: He has to prove himself yet... and in an xtreme match against that guy loki... i am expecting him to win and take out that guy for good.

Beerserker: And what about if something goes wrong?

Henlar: Do you think me and Prayme are stupids?

Henlar waits a moment for an answer.

Beerserker: I...

Henlar: We are not idiots! We gave that match so he prove himself to us. I expect him to win and i expect loki to be out of the picture. So don't doubt of our plans again mister agent beerserker.

There is a little silence for a moment, but then Henlar calms down a bit and continues.

Henlar: Now, i hope you win your match. Prayme gave you a good opportunity, try not to waste it.

Henlar hangs up and then close his eyes again trying to relax.

Henlar: ah! This just upset me, seems that only one capable of achieve something by himself is reaper.

Henlar takes a moment to relax.

Henlar: Anyway, everything goes according to the plan.

Henlar smiles with his eyes closed and seems that he is about to sleep when the camera fades away.

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