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Interview with a Theif

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Interview with a Theif

Post by Guest on 2015-01-31, 10:39

Coach Jose catches up with Bustin Dustin after his antics at the end of the first match

Coach Jose: "Hey Dustin how are you tonight?

Bustin Dustin: "I'm doing great coach!"

Dustin holds up the contract he just stole during the first match

Coach Jose: "So Dustin, you seen any good movies lately?

Bustin Dustin: "What the hell? I just stole this contract and claimed my place in the (i forgot the name but i will edit this lol) match. I've just created my own opportunity because nothing ever comes easy to me. And your chumpy ass wants to know if I've seen any good movies lately? Are you f#@$ing kidding me?"

Coach Jose: "Wow I guess I struck a nerve. Do you not like movies?

Bustin Dustin: "What I don't like is chumpy ass interviewers that aren't even paying attention to the show. Now I'm gonna give you something to pay attention to!"

Dustin grabs Coach Jose by the shirt and rears back his fist when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He looks back and sees a security guard with her night stick in hand

Becky Brown: "Release him now! You get paid to beat up the other wrestlers not the interviewers. Not even the chumpy ass ones. I know all about the kind of person you are, and the things you're capable of. I would suggest you walk the straight and narrow path. Now go one and watch yourself!"


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