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Calm before the Storm

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Calm before the Storm

Post by Jason Storm on 2015-01-31, 16:46

The camera zooms in from a black screen. As the camera pans over the packed arena showing all of the MWA fans supporting their favorite stars with shirts and signs the screen heads over to the commentary table as we see Ramon Sucre and Rick Love sitting at the table. We see them adjusting papers on the table in front of them.

Ramon Sucre: “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Next match scheduled is going to be another one of the Destiny’s Case qualifying matches featuring Jax Reynolds and the new member of the MWA roster, Jason Storm. ”

Rick Love: “It is sure to be another good qualifying match Ramon. I have a feeling that this match ahead of us will be better than the previous two qualifiers.”

Ramon Sucre: “And why is that Rick?”

Rick Love: “Intuition my good old friend…intuition. Oh, and the fact that Jason is sure to be fired up after what happened last week during and after his match against Nic Nitro.”

Ramon Sucre: “Indeed. Losing your debut match in such a fashion as he did. Plus getting man handled and thrown out of the ring right after his defeat. I bet that didn’t sit well with him at all last week.”

“Adrenaline” by Shinedown blares out of the arenas sound system. A mixed reaction, mostly of boos erupt from the fans as they watch Jason Storm wearing tight shorts consisting of a red, black, and white spider web pattern running down the left pant leg. As he makes his way down the ramp the boos get louder. Jason walks around the ring and heads over to the announcement table where he motions for a microphone. He then proceeds to enter the ring and stands in the middle of the ring.

Jason Storm: “Shhhhhhh…shhhhhhh”

Jason tries to calm the crowd. After a few seconds, the boos die down enough for him to be able to talk over them. He beings to talk in a thick Australian accent.

Jason Storm: (Sarcastically) “Thank you...thank you, I knew you all cared about me”

Ramon Sucre: “Oh great, another British fella!”

Rick Love: “He is from Australia…you moron.”

Ramon Sucre: “Same difference”

The camera beings to zoom in closer on Jason as he continues to talk

Jason Storm: “As we all know, last week didn’t go as expected. I guess that’s what I get from spending last night in the pub rather than at home getting ready for the kid you guys know as Nic. So bravo to you Nic, wherever you are in the back, probably somewhere in the day care area where the other kids hang around. “

A loud boo erupts once again from the arena as they show their disapproval for Jason and the things that he is seeing. Jason shrugs off their emotions and continues on.

Jason Storm: “Next time we face up against one another, if he is still employed, or alive, I will make sure to make quick work of him. But that was last week, I want to move on and talk about this week.”

Jason looks up and points to the case swinging high above the ring, roughly 15 feet above the canvas.

Jason Storm: “Yes, the Destiny’s Case qualification matches. I intend to make this match one you won’t want to forget. I will guarantee when I am through the Jax Reynolds, that he will need to be carried out of the ring on a stretcher. Looking at the other so called “competitors” in the other qualifying matches tonight, I can also promise that I will soon be strapping some gold around my waste as well.”

The crowd beings to boo even louder

Jason Storm: “Boo all you want. It’s not going to change one thing. You are just going to have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I am the best there ever will be. MWA hasn’t see the amount of talent I possess. Soon, everyone will know just how much of an unstoppable force I am. “

Rick Love: “Bold allegations from Jason. He better hope he can deliver more than last week’s performance.”

Ramon Sucre: “Agreed Richard, he is going to need to pull something out of his bag to muster up a win against Jax.”

Jason heads over to the rope and leans over them and stares directly at the crowd as to immediate them.

Jason Storm: “I look around this arena and see nothing but pathetic people who just hate my because they are jealous. This goes for the people in the locker rooms back there. Almost every member of this roster wishes they could be me. I get the women, the money, and the success that drives people like them crazy.“

Ramon Sucre: “I guess that means he doesn’t have friends, what a loser!”

Rick Love: “Quit shouting Ramon, he may hear you.”

Ramon Sucre: “So what if he does.”

It appears as Jason did hear Ramon shouting as he rushes over the other ring ropes that are directly in front of the commentary table and leans over those ropes, pointing at Ramon. Ramon’s face goes from a cheerful and happy expression, to an expression that looks as if he saw a ghost.

Rick Love: “I did tell you to quite it down a little. (Snickers to himself)”

Jason Storm: “Listen here mate, in this business, you don’t succeed my making friends. The more enemies you have the better. Because the more enemies you have means the more people that are out for your blood, meaning you are doing something right. So you can go ahead and sit there in your cheap fifty dollar suit with your ten dollar haircut and mock me all you want. At the end of the day, I know that I am better then you, better then you (pointing at Rick) and better then all of you (motioning all around the arena)”

Jason drops the mic in the middle of the arena and walks over to the announcers table where he stands directly in front of Ramon Sucre. Ramon, still scared, doesn’t know what to do and just stares at the table. Jason puts his hand under Ramon’s chin moving it up to stare eye to eye with him. With that same hand, Jason lightly slaps Ramon on the face a couple of times before heading back up the ramp with “Adrenaline” by Shinedown beings to play in the arena once again.

Rick Love: (laughing) “I told you so Ramon”

Ramon Sucre: “Shut it Rick, just shut it!”

The screen fades to black

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