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Odd is coming

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Odd is coming

Post by Guest on 2015-02-07, 14:00

Camera opens on a 60s style psychedelic party.

Lights and music play as people dance and groove to the sounds of "White Room" by Cream.

A man walks in front of the camera dancing.

Man: Is everyone having a good time.

Party people: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Man: Good, let me show yall a surprise.

People cheer.

Man pulls a buffalo head out of a closet and puts it on.

The Man begans beating up the party goers.

The party goers run and scream.

After several moments of beating people up and numerous people laid out the man comes in front of camera again.

The man removes the buffalo head.

Man: I'm the Wizard of ODD and I'm coming. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA........ohhh cake.Yay!

Wizard of ODD walks off camera as it fades to black.


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Re: Odd is coming

Post by Guest on 2015-02-07, 14:01

Will add color shortly. I'm on my cell

Still playing around with gimmick so it will get better soon.


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