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Intro Glory Or Honor

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Intro Glory Or Honor

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-08, 20:28

Ramon Sucre: Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Glory Or Honor!!

Rick Love: We're having another sold out and this is thanks to the support of the greatest fans of wrestling!

Ramon Sucre: Live from Montreal,Quebec where it all begins papi! We have an amazing card for tonight!

Rick Love: Indeed partner but let's talk first of our pre show! We had some of the new talents performing for the first time. Wizzard Of ODD who made an impressive debut against Midnight.

Ramon Sucre: Yes papi! I agree Wizz did a great performance. Also John Strong who made his debut against the High flying luchador Eagle Eye.
The two made a good impact on the pre show. I wonder if the boss saw that match?

Rick Love: I hope so cause they all did great! Muscle Jericho went back to fight King Krimsin who destroyed him on his debut and delivered his best

Ramon Sucre: He did papi! He did! A way much better performance from both. But the young rivalry between The Brave Hearts and Dos Mascaras
caught my attention. I mean Tag team moves,High flying moves and blood since the beginning of the match and honestly after this performance
I don't think we're done seeing these two teams facing each other.

Rick Love: I hope not they are one of the main reason why TCD is having some success lately.

Ramon Sucre: Agreed papi!

Rick Love: But the spotlight has been stolen by the two most popular stars of TCD Ashiga and Sanji Date. Man these two are just too amazing in the in ring. It's like seeing Lesnar and Angle all over again if you know what I mean.

Ramon Sucre: You compare them to legends of wrestling?

Rick Love: If they continue like that they will be better than the legends!

Ramon Sucre: Why do I have to agree with everything you say? I feel like someone is controlling what I say right now like Blah Blew Papi Blah!

Rick Love: It's because you know I'm right ''PA...PI''!

Ramon Sucre: It's not PA..PI it's papi! with flow my friend with flow!

Rick Love: Anyways! Let's talk about the main card for this great IPPV! Up next Nic Nitro will be facing Henri Black and Chris Newberry who had him on highway to hell since their debut.

Ramon Sucre: Elimination Handicap match but to be honest does Nic really believe he can beat them both the same night?

Rick Love: Even if he doesn't I don't think the victory matters to him I think it's more to have them both in the ring so he can punch them both in the face!

Ramon Sucre: What's the point of punching them in the mouth and still lose the match?

Rick Love: You know my point he wants to fight and he will get the fight he wants!

Ramon Sucre: Anyways papi as for the second match the first ever Destiny's Case match having young stars and rising stars in the match Jason Storm , Bustin Dustin , Ronnie Steeler , Jax Reynolds and Chaos Master!

Rick Love: The only man who didn't deserve to be in this match is Bustin Dustin..the man stole the briefcase of Chaos and the Boss gave him the opportunity to stay and participate in the match...I think this was a bad decision from Mr.Rosario.

Ramon Sucre: From what I heard Bustin was suppose to wrestle that night but the management forgot to put him in the card so he did what he had to do to get the attention. It was a success look where he is today in the first ever Destiny's Case match!

Rick Love: What about the others who could have been in this match? I think Bustin Dustin doesn't deserve a spot in this match.

Ramon Sucre: You should become General Manager Rick!

Rick Love: Why not? I will give it a try!

Ramon Sucre: If you do papi you'll probably get visits from Reaper.

Rick Love: Talking about Reaper he'll be facing Loki for the 2nd time since Ventura cost them a DQ in the match.

Ramon Sucre: I wonder if Ventura was saving Loki from a defeat giving him the opportunity to comeback for a 2nd title match or just preventing Reaper to have his way?

Rick Love: I think...these two doesn't like each other since day one and this was the first action from Ventura showing his love for Reaper.

Ramon Sucre: It might go further in the future.

Rick Love: Speaking of Future! Kevin Dark will finally face Helena Noir for the Titanium Championship in a Last Blood match!

Ramon Sucre: This match will be a blood bath since the arrival of Dark in MWA he has been thirsty for blood and I think Helena will be his first victim with great value.

Rick Love: But don't over estimate Dark and take a look at Helena's last week match. She....Helena Noir...took the Devil's Personal Assassin and made him tap! And we're talking of one of the biggest guy of MWA Ray Luminous!

Ramon Sucre: We'll see what happens!

Rick Love: Can't wait to see what Henlar and Mars has for the people for the main event will Mars finally get his hand on the championship belt or he will step aside and remain the guy who did his best but still failed and will never be able to get back the opportunity of becoming champ again.

Ramon Sucre: I think this is his night even if he has everything against him. You heard the boss he needs Mars for the complete sold out shows!

Rick Love: He said that but take a look at when he wasn't booked in the shows..sold out no matter where we were NYC,TO,QC or here in Montreal! Mr.Rosario know what he does and if he wants to create a star he will.

Ramon Sucre: I don't think so he does know.

Rick Love: How do you think he got all this hype on Mars? Anyways Let's shut up and let the show begins!!!
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Re: Intro Glory Or Honor

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-09, 22:53

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