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"My Destiny"

Post by Jason Storm on 2015-02-08, 20:37

The screen fades into picture of a concrete floor. We are able to hear sounds echoing around from the PA system. As the sound dissipates, the camera slowly moves up and we start to see figure of a person. Straight black boots with a red crest on the sides of them come into focus. As the boots continue up his legs we see that the man’s shorts match the same color scheme and crest as the boots. As the camera keeps going up we see that the man is Jason Storm.

Jason Storm: “Let’s get ready to rumble….what a dumb American saying. What I’m about to do want be a rumble…it will be a massacre.”

Jason starts jumping up and down in the middle of the hallway as if he was trying to get pumped up for his match that is about to start. After a few bounces, he stops and starts heading down the hallway. As he walks down the long quiet corridor he hears a familiar female’s voice from down the hallway. He turns around and sees who was shouting at him. The camera follows him to reveal the figure of Rachel Leblanc. She rushes down the hallway with a microphone in hand obviously wanting to do a quick interview before Jason’s match.

Jason Storm: “What do you want now little girl.”

She rolls her eyes in disapproval and just ignores the insult.

Rachel Leblanc: “I just wanted to do a quick little interview before you head out into your Destiny’s Case match against Bustin Dustin, Jax Reynolds, Ronnie Steeler, and Chaos Master. So if you don’t mind I would like to ask you a few questions.”

Jason Storm: “Of course I do mind, I have to get ready for this match and I don’t have that much time for your petty questions.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Come on Jason, just a few questions and I will be out of your hair.”

Jason stands in his place and ponders.

Jason Storm: “Fine, make it quick.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Thank you Mr. Storm. Now let’s get started.”

She gets herself situated beside Jason in front of the camera.

Rachel Leblanc: “So last week on MWA, the world saw you win your first match here in this company against El Desconocido. Originally you were not even supposed to be scheduled in a match at all. But after a failed drug test from El Desconocido opponent for last week, the GM was in a rush to find someone to fill that spot. But nevertheless, you gained your first victory in MWA and won yourself a spot in the Destiny’s case ladder match tonight at Glory or Honor.”

Jason Storm: (sarcastically) “Thank you for telling me what I already know.”

Rachel Leblanc: “I am just recapping what happened last week.”

Jason Storm: “If the viewers wanted a recap they would have watched last week’s show.”

Rachel Leblanc: “I apologize, moving on then.”

Rachel steps to the side just a smidge

Rachel Leblanc: “So, how do you feel going into the ladder match. Knowing the other participants that are looking to win the case, I know you are going to have a hard time doing so. I know for a fact that people like Jax, Bustin, Ronnie and Chaos won’t be easy to beat. Especially with what is on the line.”

Jason Storm: “Like I said last week and the week before that Rachel, the people here in MWA are what you call “easy prey” and won’t be that difficult to beat.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Maybe fighting one on one it is easy, but you are competing against four other wrestlers, that is something that you have not done yet. How do you think you will fair.”

Jason crosses his arms and stares down at Rachel

Jason Storm: “Well Rachel, I will let you in on a little secret of mine. See, my plan for this match is to do as little fighting as possible and just strike when the opportunity is right.”

Rachel has a puzzling look on her face as she is trying to comprehend what Jason just told her about his plan for the patch.

Rachel Leblanc: “What do you mean?”

Jason Storm: “What I mean by that is why I would risk my own energy and strength. What I plan on doing is letting these other so called wrestlers do my biding for me. Once they are all weak, that is when I will make move up the ladder.”

Rachel Leblanc: “That doesn’t seem like the admirable thing to do. It also seems kind of cowardly.”

Jason Storm: “Well I don’t really care what you are anyone else thinks about my plan. It is damn near full proof. And at the end of the day, when holding onto the case when the bell rings, that is all that will mater. No one is going to care how I won it, just the fact that I did win in.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Well if that is how you want to win it, go right ahead…..”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jason interrupts her

Jason Storm: “You are damn right that is how I want to win, winning is winning that that’s that.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Alright, last question and then I will leave you alone.”

Jason Storm: “Finally! Been waiting for you to say that for hours now it seems like.”

Rachel once again just shrugs off of Jason’s rudeness and carries on with her last question.

Rachel Leblanc: “If you were to win the Destiny’s Case, and that is a big if, who and when would you cash in your case for a shot at a MWA title?”

At this time Jason uncrosses his arms and grabs a bag and a water bottle on a nearby bench. He throws the strap of the bag around his shoulder.

Jason Storm: (snickering) “Well that is where I will leave everyone to wonder. Will I go after Henlar and the heavyweight title, or take the Intercity from Reaper. Who knows what I will do, that is what makes this a glorious opportunity for me and my career here in MWA. I have all of the possible opportunities to make myself become a legend in the world. So, just you wait and see like the rest of the world what I will do WHEN, not if as you put, I win the Destiny Case match.”

After saying that, Jason pushes aside the camera man and walks down the hallway into the darkness as the sounds from the PA system start blaring again.

Rachel Leblanc: “There you have it, Jason Storm ladies and gentleman, one of the cockiest people in MWA. Stay tuned for the rest of tonight’s Glory or Honor matches.”

The camera fades to black

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