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(Un)expected assistance

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(Un)expected assistance

Post by Guest on 2015-02-11, 10:08

Camera shows Coach Jose strolling backstage. He stops in front of a locker room which writes "Mars".

As he's about to enter he hears:


The sound of something falling to the ground is heard as Coach takes a heavy breath and decides to enter the room.

Camera shows Mars kicking a chart which reads "Ways to destroy Henlar" but is blanc.

Mars: What in the love of God are you doing here, fatman?

Coach winks to the camera.

Coach: Relax Mars. I am here to give you the key to the title. To victory.

Mars: Are you here to play with my nerves? Cause if you are, I'm gonna have to book a night in the hospital for you.

Coach: No. I am just here to offer you advice. You need...

Mars rapidly grabs him from his throat and pushes him on the wall.

Mars: Are you suggesting I need help to beat Henlar?

Coach: N-no...

He lets him.

Mars: Good. Now leave.

Coach: No! Mr. Mars... I am only here for an interview.

Mars: Bah... I've given plenty about this matchup. Just leave before I make you.

Coach: Yeah? Because the people want to know how you plan on beating Henlar.

Mars: Oh, I... haven't thought of it yet.

He picks up the chart and starts writing in almost unreadable letters as he speaks.

Mars: You see... the equasion is to take Henlar out. Literally make him unconscious. Use the no DQ.

He's suddenly beaming.

Mars: That's it! If Henlar is out, even if someone interferes I will be able to fend for myself!

Coach: Why, it was my idea of course!

Mars seems pissed.

Mars: Why are you still here?

Coach flinches and quickly leaves as camera fades to black.


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