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Neither Glory, Nor Honor

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Neither Glory, Nor Honor

Post by Helena on 2015-02-11, 17:23

Backstage, Rachel is apparently waiting for someone, right in front of a huge "Glory or Honor" advertising poster.

Rachel Leblanc: "Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is the reigning and defending Titanium Champion, Helena Noir."

Helena Noir: "Hello Rachel, you look gorgeous tonight!"

With an embarassed and ankward face, the interviewer tries to find the right words to answer.

Rachel Leblanc: "Ehm... Thank you, I guess..."

Helena Noir: "Come on, I just tried to be friendly.. Isn't that the kind of things you girls say to each other usually?"

Rachel Leblanc: "Yes but.. Well it sounded so... weird coming from you. I mean I appreciate but..."

Helena Noir: "Yeah, don't worry, I got it... Anyway, i believe it's such a waste that a girl like you tries to look pretty for someone like  Loki.."

Rachel cuts her out, a bit annoyed.

Rachel Leblanc: "Listen, I won't stand here for you to make fun of me. And I already told you, there's nothing going on between me and Loki. And even if it would, that's not of your concern. So let's focus on your match tonight, at Glory Or Honor."

Helena Noir: "Glory? Or Honor? That is the question... What about neither one? I don't seek glory and there's nothing honorable in my fight against Kevin Dark. It's just a beatdown, plain and simple. And you can bet your last five bucks that I will be the only one standing at the end of it."

Rachel Leblanc: "We saw Kevin playing mindgames with you in the past few weeks. Did they work?"

Helena Noir: "Let me answer you with another question. Do I look scared by his cheap tricks?"

Rachel Leblanc: "But maybe he just wanted to take you out of your gameplan, thinking that once rage mounts and blinds you, he can exploit that to take the title away from you."

Helena Noir: "If that's the case, my dear, he just did the dumbest move he could ever did. You know the old saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? Well obviously he never had to deal with a pissed off Helena Noir! Kevin, I never claimed to come from the depths of hell like you do, I never pretended to be the Devil's Personal Assassin like Ray Luminous. But trust me when I say that what I'll bring to the ring tonight, it will be the closest thing to real hell you'll never see."

Rachel Leblanc: "You seem to have made a lot of enemies recently. Not only Kevin Dark, but Chaos Master and probably even mr Rosario himself."

Helena Noir: "You say it's my fault? From my point of view, some kind of sociopath targeted me, for some reason I honestly don't get. Maybe he enjoyed the beating I gave him a couple of weeks ago, and he simply wants more... You can never say what goes on in a lunatic's mind... Then we have an insecure kid, still believing that this world is all about good versus evil, struggling with himself unable to pick a side, blaming me for not choosing to play the Good Samaritan running to Sketh's rescue. And I think this sounds so absurd that we really don't have to waste any more time on it"

Rachel nods.

Helena Noir: "As for mr Rosario, he's probably still mad because I refused to join the Mercenaries. I think he should still thanking me for not going against him. I have no particular issues against him, if we don't consider that he put his favorite psycho in my tail. Truth be told, I think I still owe him an advice.. I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play with me boss, but it's pretty clear that it's not working. And we all know that nothing good can come from playing with fire. If you're lucky, you get away with a small burn. But consider the worst case scenario... An unstoppable fire burning everything on his path down to ashes. I'm not sure this game is worth the risk..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Strong words, I hope you know that this sounded like a challenge, and mr Rosario doesn't seem to take these things kindly. Can I ask you one last question? Your thoughts on the Heavyweight Title Match?"

Helena shrugs.

Helena Noir: "Mars did all the right moves to clear the field from the wild cards, bringing the contest to an even ground. No Mercenaries, no disqualifications, and no excuses for a failure."

Rachel Leblanc: "What that's it? You didn't pick a winner... Oh nevermind. Do you wanna wish one of the two competitors good luck?"

Helena Noir: "Real champions need no luck. It's a win or go home situation. I can only wish the loser that he'd able to watch himself in the mirror the morning after... And I can only suggest the winner to enjoy his title, until I decide that I'd like to have it around my waist..."

She blows a kiss to the camera, turning back and leaving Rachel surprised by her last words.
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Re: Neither Glory, Nor Honor

Post by Guest on 2015-02-11, 19:35

For me it's literally win or go home... amazing as always, I'm getting repetitive I know.


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Re: Neither Glory, Nor Honor

Post by Guest on 2015-02-13, 00:03

Hope you don't mind but hope to jump in here?

Just as Helena leaves the lights start to flutter, Rachel looks around as the cameras look around the room. Two of the lights blow shattering some glass to the floor. The Big advertising poster gets ripped of the wall as if by its self as chairs start to move to the left. The camera looks down the hall showing Helena looking around and rolls her eyes as to more lights blow over her. A haroing snarl and growel is heard coming from somewhere, echoing around the room as Rachel runs for cover. The eco voice starts to sound as if to call to Helena.


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Re: Neither Glory, Nor Honor

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