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Bringing Hell

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Bringing Hell

Post by Guest on 2015-02-11, 21:48

Nic Nitro is seen in the backstage area holding a microphone as he appears on screen the fans start to cheer

Nic:Tonight I go up agonist what some call unstoppable odds, tonight I go into a match I asked for, tonight I go one vs two against Henri Black and whatever his lackies name is. Now you always hear the good guys say that this is their biggest fight to hype the match well tonight it is no lie I am in the toughest match of my seasoned career. I've faced giants, legends, and even general managers favorite superstars but I have never taken on two men at once. However, if you think that tonight I'm going down easily then boy are you in for a rude awakening, cause I plan on bringing hell to these cowards. Now if this match is my last in my career, which it might be, I would just like to let all you fans know that everything I've ever accomplished was all for you. For you watching at home let me warn you now, this match won't be for children, the elderly or the pregnant women so please cover their eyes for tonight is the night that I Nicolas W Nitro will simply tear apart the enemy that stands before me in that squared circle.

The screen fades to black as the arena erupts in cheers for their hero Nic Nitro


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