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The Final Message

Post by Henri Black on 2015-02-13, 01:33

Coming Soon!

The Arena lights dim as the Titantron comes to life with a Prerecorded statement from Henri Black who is sitting in a dimly lit room  with a candle on the table in front of him

Henri: Tonight, Nic Nitro, out little dance will end, You will walk out by my side, or you will burn

he stands and lifts the candle, running his fingers through the flame

Henri: You see Nic men like you and I, we can't live without the fire. Its the heat that makes us strong, We're born to Live, to Fight... To win, Nic. that is our purpose. not Appeasing these Peons as  you seem so intent on doing

Henri stops for a moment, his palm still over the flame of the candle and sighs

Henri: These people don't Understand us Nic. we are so far beyond them that they cannot hope to experience but the briefest glimpse of our Fire before it burns them to ashes

noticing the burning sensation in his palm, he removes it from the flame

Henri: If only you would open your eyes and SEE, see this world for what it truly is, and that your proper place in it is by my side. With Chris our Trinity will shake this world to its very Core, and from the rubble, we will create a new world A BETTER WORLD. But first you must embrace the darkness

Henri blows out the candle and laughs as the lights in the arena return
Henri Black
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