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Encounter with Jose

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Encounter with Jose

Post by Guest on 2015-02-13, 01:33

*Bartolomeo is seen around backstage, just watching the monitor... meanwhile the Coach jumps out of nowhere suddenly, and says

Coach Jose: HEY! YOU! do you want to get fit? do you want a six pack?

Bartolomeo: What? who are you?

Coach Jose: WELL! in that case, my name is Coach Jose! and today I shall teach you how to do the most extreme moves in wrestling!

Bartolomeo: Hmm... in that case, Coach... show me something extreme... can you stand on the top of that chair and back-flip successfully on the table?

*Coach looks at the table... showing some signs of fear, then he looks back at Bartolomeo and says*

Coach Jose: Of course! don't doubt the Coach!

*The Coach gets on top of the chair... and gets in a position ready to back-flip, but before he does so... he trips over and falls on the table, breaking it, Bartolomeo laughs at him.*

Bartolomeo: OH MAN! HAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS PRICELESS... Oh... uh... Coach? you alive?

*Bartolomeo stands up and walks over to the knocked-out Coach to check if he is okay... as soon as Bartolomeo gets near Coach, the Coach stands right back up, but with trouble, it's obvious he has damaged his back.*

Coach Jose: I don't need your help! I am the Coac-*his back cracks a little* OH FOR THE LOVE OF (CENSORED)!

Bartolomeo: Uh... Coach, you okay? If you want... I can help you walk over to Brian, I heard he's the doctor of this federation.

Coach Jose: NOPE! I don't need your help, you spoiled rich kid! I was only trying to help you and you laughed at me! out of my way...

*Coach Jose walks with pain, trying to go to the medical room... then he trips over and hits another table*

Bartolomeo: Oh boy... well, I guess that's the Coach for ya.

*Bartolomeo helps up the Coach, and carries him to Brian's room, from here the camera turns black*


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Re: Encounter with Jose

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-13, 18:49

jajajajajajajajajajaj good one!
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