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the sins of thy son ( prayme only )

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the sins of thy son ( prayme only )

Post by Guest on 2015-02-13, 01:51

Recorded earlier tonight as Prayme show up just outside the arena

Prayme pulls in to the parkade in his BMW with Rebecca Brown in the passenger seat Prayme get out of the car walks around to the trunk and grabs his briefcase ,Rebecca get out the two start walking towards the arena doors

Prayme :Becky I'm a little stress tonight but this is our second IPPV and I'm not going to miss this no matter what .
Rebecca Brown :Come on Pray you have nothing to worry about .
Prayme :I'm not worried why cause Ventura my son might have woken a monster by getting one of the most feared men in MWA DQ last week costing him his undefeated streak ,Becky do you realize Reaper hasn't call or answer my calls all week .
Rebecca Brown :Pray you paid Reaper well I'm sure
A chopper is heard racing towards the two out jump out of the way stumbling to the ground as the chopper stops just inches from them the rider removes his helmet tosses it toward Prayme

Rebecca Brown :Reaper no what happen wasn't his fault

Reaper reaches out grabs hold of Prayme places him up against the cold arena wall

Rebecca Brown :Reaper he your boss you can't treat your boss like this plus you have your rematch with Loki tonight put Prayme down

Reaper turns to Rebecca then back to Prayme me pushing harder
Reaper:Oh I'll deal with Loki that's a given but Ventura well I have a choice for his dear old daddy
Rebecca Brown: which is ?
Reaper looks at Prayme
Reaper: Ventura or you ,Your choice either way a Rosario will pay for getting in my business .
Reaper loosen up on Prayme backs up a little bit reaches his hand out towards Prayme face tapping him on his left cheek .
Reaper :Your choice Daddy dearest your choice.


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