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Time to Bring the Pain

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Time to Bring the Pain

Post by Guest on 2015-02-14, 14:17

The lights in the arena flicker and then go completely out. The darkness lasts for about five minutes, and then the titantron suddenly lights up. Bustin Dustin is on the screen in some dungeon in a cage with three concrete walls and iron bars for the fourth wall. On the back wall there is a mirror and Dustin is standing in front of it staring at his reflection.

Bustin Dustin: Destiny's Case! Ladders, a briefcase, and four other wrestlers to hurt!

Dustin pauses briefly staring into the mirror clenching his fists

Bustin Dustin: It's my time tonight. It's my time to show these people what Bustin Dustin is all about! And that's bringing the pain!

Dustin punches the mirror shattering it and bloodying his knuckles

Bustin Dustin: Haha yeah! I can't wait to slam a ladder into to some poor fool's skull!

Dustin turn away from the mirror and kicks the cell door open. Pieces of the lock fall to the concrete floor as he runs through the door and out of the camera's sight.

The titantron goes black and the arena is dark for another five minutes before the lights begin to flicker and come back on.


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