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Final thoughts shattering

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Final thoughts shattering

Post by Guest on 2015-02-14, 16:03

Loki is in the locker room sit in a chair preparing his gear for the match when coach Jose appears.

Jose: Hey where have you been? You match is close to start.

Loki: Yeah i know, i am preparing myself.

Jose: You seem a bit serious, not the usual you.

Loki: Not everyday you have a championship match.

Jose: That's true, but what about last week?

Loki: What?

Jose: Well you only presented yourself to the match, i noone see you in the arena.

Loki: I was training... i have been preparing myself everyday.

???: You seem like another man.

Both of them turn around to see who said that and they see Rachel Leblanc.

Jose: hey this is the men's locker room!

Rachel: I don't see noone else around, do you?

Coach jose is about to respond but then he realize that Rachel is right.

Rachel: So loki, what about a final interview before your match?

Loki: With you? nothing would me make happier.

Loki stands up nad smiles to Rachel who gets a microphone close to loki.

Rachel: So loki, last week you defeated Ventura and thanks to that you have a championship match today how you feel about it?

Loki: Ventura was no easy opponent but he was not exactly focused. He will have to solve the problems with his father to be able to stay in this sport and focus as he should in the matches.

Rachel: So his lost of focus was due to his situation with his father?

Loki: I think so, he made so mistakes in taht amtches that i don't remember him doing them before in other matches.

Rachel: I see, so you study your opponents, don't you?

Loki: Being a hero is my hobby but i am a pro wrestler, i do my homework.

Rachel: So you study Reaper's moves? do you think you can beat him?

Loki: I have high chances and he made you feel bad several times, so i have extra motivation.

Rachel laughs a bit and loki gets surprise for it. Rachel notices and put serious again.

Rachel: So if you had that "extra motivation" why you were so serious before?

Loki looks at the other side of the room thinking deeply.

Loki: This is the first time i am in a match this big in a big main event. Reaper is no joke...

Rachel: You have the support to beat him.

Loki: From the people?

Rachel: And from me too.

Loki smiles and looks at the camera.

Loki: True that! Tonight! Reaper i am coming for your championship.

the camera fades away.


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