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Smashed Convertible

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Smashed Convertible

Post by Guest on 2015-02-14, 19:51

The hunter was backstage in the parking lot arena stalking and taking his angry out over his loss to Nic Nitro earlier. He didn't want to remember how the end of the match turned out, but notice a convertible nearby that looked too good to pass up. It was sadly going to be a bad day for whoever the owner was but he needed a way to channel some anger out.

Making his way to the nice convertible, he had an evil glint in his eyes as he started swing his sledgehammer at the car's driver side window. Unknown to him, this was being broadcast to the titantron, and the owner of the convertible was in the ring, Reaper. Chris continued to smash up the convertible, breaking all the windows, smashing the head and taillights and leaving a few major dents into the side's of the car doors and hood.

When all was said and done, he wanted away laughing as the titan tron screen faded, not knowing this would ignite a match between himself and Reaper on the next show, in a brutal no disqualification match.


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