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Pointing out the obvious

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Pointing out the obvious

Post by Guest on 2015-04-04, 19:02

The cameras show Rachel Leblanc and Ronnie Steeler standing in the interview zone. Rachel is looking glamorous as always and Ronnie wears his usual outift and looks with a straight face to the camera.

Rachel Leblanc: Good night, ladies and gentlemen! I am standing here with Ronnie Steeler the owner of Destiny's case. Hello, Ronnie!

Ronnie keeps looking at the camera without even blinking. 

Rachel Leblanc: Ronnie, you are very unprofessional right now.

Ronnie Steeler rolls his eyes.

Rachel Leblanc: Please, Ronnie...

Suddenly Ronnie's face changes into a look of amazement.

Ronnie Steeler: Oh, you know the magical word!

Rachel looks at Ronnie as if she wanted to kill him.

Rachel Leblanc: You have a match tonight against Ventura for a second time this season, but this time you decided to put your briefcase on the line. Why did you do that?

Ronnie Steeler: Now that's kind of a stupid question... Why? Because I want to prove that his win was only because he had luck! I mean, a decent wrestler at best, like him, beating me cannot happen by skill, it was only luck.

Rachel Leblanc: What if you lose tonight?

Ronnie Steeler: I won't.

Rachel Leblanc: But still, let's pretend you will lose tonight.

Ronnie Steeler: I won't!

Rachel sighs and rolls her eyes.

Rachel Leblanc: Well, since you are 100% sure you will keep it, on who are you planning to cash it in? Especially as all the champions will be in the ring together.

Ronnie Steeler: On the Heavyweight Champion, whoever it will be.

Rachel is a bit taken aback by the fact that Ronnie tells this straight away.

Rachel Leblanc: Wait... you just told us on who you are going to cash the case in, just simply as that. Is this a strategy or something?

Ronnie Steeler: The three champions will all be in that ring, fighting each other and in the end all of them will be tired, why shouldn't I just tell the truth? I'm going in for the big gold, that's it.

Rachel quickly smiles wide.

Rachel Leblanc: Oh... I know, you will not cash in tonight, right?


Ronnie Steeler leaves being really angry.


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Re: Pointing out the obvious

Post by Guest on 2015-04-04, 19:23

Come at me bro!


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Re: Pointing out the obvious

Post by Guest on 2015-04-04, 19:58

We'll see after your match if you're still the champ Very Happy


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Re: Pointing out the obvious

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