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Post by Henlar on 2014-10-11, 20:53

If you are going to make your first roleplay then read this:

A good idea for a first roleplay is an interview or an in ring segment where you present to the crowd. You can present as the new guy that want to be champion one day or the guy that knows that he is the best around here.

There is some important things to consider when you make you first ever roleplay in your first ever federation, THE CROWD.

If you go and present as the good guy don’t expect to receive applauses or that the crowd will chant our name immediately… THEY DON’T KNOW YOU!

In an interview is good idea to talk about your objectives, the kind of people that you don’t like, etc.

This is the Example:

Here I will put a Face wrestler’s first appearance as an example.

Note: Remember that the heel announcer and face announcer will help you and everyone to know who is the good and bad guy!

Suddenly music is aired in the arena

Rick Love: can someone tell me, who is this guy?

Ramon Sucre: His name is Wrestler 1. I talked with him backstage he seems quite a good guy some deserved I think, I didn’t know that he wanted to say something.

Rick Love: well, it better be good this crowd is waiting something to happen.

Wrestler 1 goes up in the ring with a microphone.

Wrestler 1: Hi MWA fans, my name is Wrestler 1 and today I have my first match, in fact is the next one, but before to start it I ask to the GM some time to talk to all of you. He just told me to hurry up because this is a business company of wrestling and not a talking show.

Rick Love: I suppose that this guy is your friend, is as boring as you are.

Ramon Sucre:: shut up, I want to hear what he is going to say.

Wrestler 1: So going to the point I am here for 2 reasons, first of all I like fighting it’s my passion and I have been in a lot of boxing matches during this years since i have 18, so I know what is to beat people or what is to be beaten.

Rick Love:  And believe me, this kid is going to get a lot of beating in this federation, especially if he stay boring the crowd, what a fool.

Wrestler 1: And second I am here to…

A music is played in the titantron interrupting Wrestler.

wrestler 2 appears with a microphone at the stage

Rick Love: Finally someone to shut up this kid’s mouth, I really was bored listening to him.

Ramon Sucre: He was just presenting himself to the FSW Fans.

Rick Love: AND!? We don’t want to know this guy we just want to see him receiving beatings, that is what he said.

Ramon Sucre: He said that he is used to it, but that he is used to give them as well.

Rick Love: yeah whatever.

Wrestler 2 : Wrestler 1! It has been enough of talking; you are not from here so I will teach you how we receive the wrestlers around here… yeah fresh meat.

Wrestler 1:  It’s bad education interrupt someone, you know?

Wrestler 2 : you are going to have to get used to it, like those beatings that you mentioned… because here comes the first of your wrestling career.

Rick Love: I told you!

Wrestler 1: We are going to see what my punches have to say about that.

Wrestler 2 laughs for a moment.

Wrestler 2: Okay rookie, in our match tonight you will see.

Wrestler 2 leaves the stage and heads backstage while Wrestler 1 is looking at the stage.

The camera fades away

Did you notice in this roleplay who was the heel wrestler and the face wrestler?

The Wrestler 1 was the face
The wrestler 2 was the heel

The announcers help you a lot with their comments to know which one is the heel and face. But of course, their comments are just reactions to what the wrestlers say and do. So use the announcer as much as you can and try to make the difference between heel and face very obvious.

This was the last for me to tell you. If you still have more doubts then you can contact me, but I suggest you to practice by yourself. Go to Roleplay making area and try to follow what I have explained. Or better… try to do something by yourself and with time and dedication you will see that you will make the most awesome roleplays.

Good luck.  Very Happy

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