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Post by Prayme on 2014-09-25, 14:21

The following are the chat rules-

1. No Contract discussion

2. No pornographic material. Only if absolutely necessary.

3. Do not try and be an ass. Or any unpleasant stuff, whatsoever.

4. If GMs are not around, anyone with the Mod. authority will take action however they seem fit temporarily if someone is stirring up trouble. The GMs will be contacted immediately.

5. Most of the stuff you're not allowed to do on TWG chat is more than welcome if you think it'll be fun.

6. Do not leak any information/details to anyone outside of this forum. This is possibly the most important rule. You have been trusted with an XE contract. Don't make yourself regret it by breaking anyone's trust.

- Taking from my previous fed -
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MWA Next Generation!

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