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confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )

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confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )  Empty confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )

Post by Guest on 2014-11-16, 03:08

Rachel Leblanc  is seen standing in the middle of the ring mic in hand look as lovely as every
Rick Love: She looks pissed .
Ramon Sucre:I think piss is an understatement wait a moment she about to speak .
Rachel Leblanc raises the mic to her lips
Rachel Leblanc: Hello everyone and welcome to MWA .
The fans cheers roar out Rachel waves to the fans
Rachel Leblanc :I'm sorry I'm not as excited as all of you but I'm still a in shock over what happen at MWA IPPV last season .
Chants of Reaper suck start up .
Rachel Leblanc: For those of you who saw or IPPV you all witness history ,Be trail ,Back room dealings and a hero to millions as well as myself turn .
Rachel pauses as the crowd starts up again chanting their displeasure for Reaper actions
Rachel Leblanc:Yes Reaper he play us all and just like you i to thought seeing a legendary wrestler like him coming down to the ring ,that if anyone was going to make sure we got a good clean match it was going be him .But what he do he pretty much handed the title over to Henlar.
The fans boos ring out though out the arena
Rachel Leblanc: Just like you all I think we deserve an answer as to why why did you stab Mars a warrior just like yourself Reaper in the back and hand the title over to Henlar and join the Mercenaries. So at this time i would like to invited Reaper to come out and answer for his actions come on Reaper come out be the man we all once looked up to .
The titan tron turns on showing the backstage area MWA stars hanging outside in the halls chattering as Reaper locker room door opens the chatter stops everyone's eyes lower towards the ground as Reaper emerges and looks around Rebeca Brown walks over to Reaper and slaps him across the face .
Rebeca Brown : I knew you couldn't be trusted .
Rebeca turns and walks away .
Reaper :Well at leased someone has a pair ,you know you can all stand around judging me talking your crap but let me say this if any of you were in my
The chants of Reaper sucks echo from the fans ,Rachel can be heard calling Reaper out .
Reaper:You guy want to hear why the fans want to hear why well so be it ill tell you all .
Metallica Turn the page begins to play in the arena as the titan tron shows Reaper heading out to a roar of boos and you sold out .
Ramon is seen standing booing along with the fans
Rick Love:Ramon sit back down before you get sat down .
Ramon Sucre:Rick I was a huge fan of this mans and he broke my heart just like everyone else here and at home boo him boo the Reaper .
Rick Love:Well I'll save my judgment for him til after i hear his side of things .
Slowly Reaper make's his way down the ramp grabbing a mic as he walks up the step and into the ring where Rachel is standing now with tears running down her face.
Reaper walks over to Rachel puts his hand on her shoulder whispers something in her ear, Rachel pushes Reaper arm away turns and slaps him
Rachel Leblanc : Its not ever going be OK ,Trust you you I trust in you Reaper and you stomp all over that trust .
Reaper looks at Rachel then out from the back runs out Beeca Brown with her team of Security and some up and coming wrestlers .They surround the ring taking derectoins from Rebeca who climbs into the ring between Rachel and Reaper her security team in front of Rachel.

Reaper stands across the ring smiling at the mass of people surrounding the ring area
Rick Love :What are these young guys think thier going to do if Reaper decided to go ,bleed all over ?
Ramon Sucre:Hey there here in support for Rachel and Rebeca Reaper a monster of a man and i doubted our security staff could handle a unleashed beast such as Reaper .
Rebeca grabs the mic from Rachel and walks out to the middle of the ring
Rebeca Brown: I trusted you you had me you really had me fouled but I guest I knew deep down inside me that sooner or later you show your true self .
Reaper walks from one end of the ring to the other eyes staring at Rebeca as well as those standing outside the ring .
Reaper : Well hello To all you judgmental people and welcome to a new era .
Ramon Sucre:New era ?
Reaper:First off I'd like to say congratulate two our new champions and may they all enjoy a long and healthy reign ,well maybe not Sketh your run ends the minute you get in that ring with me .
Rick Love: Reaper has no doubts he will take the intercity title from Sketh .
Ramon Sucre : Reaper a experience wrestler why would he show have doubts.
Reaper laughs as he paces the one side of the ring
Rachel grab hold of the mic
Rachel Leblanc :Reaper I have one question and that is why ,why did you Stabs a young bright super star like Mars in the back and turn on your millions of fans that have love you through out your career ,cause honestly your actions make me sick .
Reaper looks over at Rachel
Reaper :Rebeca you want to step aside I'm really not into hitting girls so its all good .
Rebeca moves beside Rachel still on gaurd
Reaper :That's better now i can see my judge! So you want to know why well who the hell are you to ask me why I do anything who the hell are any of you in this ring in the back in the stands at home watching on T.V. Or viewing this online .Who do you think you all are to judge me ?
Rachel:We are the people that make it possible for you to do what you do and make a living at it .
Reaper cuts Rachel off
Reaper:You hold those words let me tell you a story and all you young rookies you listen up real close .
Rick Love:This should be good
Reaper:It was back when NWP shut down I was young loaded set for life the world was good ,I jump around from one fed to another but then one cold rainy night i was speed on down the highway to a show and happen to nail this guy just crossing the street killing him on impact .
Rachel Leblanc: I'm sorry to hear that but what does that have to do with
Reaper:Save your sorry for this man family cause in one split second I change the world of 5 innocent people I killed this man I orphan his three children and window his wife in secs. Now sure it all went to court the insurance company made a settlement of one million dollars but you know what it still didn't sit well with me ,the judge in the case was a huge fan he was more worried about me signing autographs for him and his friends then what i did .So i decided I'll punch myself and i went and sold everything I have to my name and handed it over to this mans family .
Ramon Sucre:Well that was a nice thing to do much respect Reaper .
Rick Love :Ramon he just told us he killed a man .
Ramon looks over at Rick
Ramon Sucre: Yes and he paid for it
Rachel Leblanc:Well that was a nice gesture .
Reaper :Then a few months later after not getting any bookings I got a call from my Agent No one wanted to touch me no wrestling fed ,So as the rolled by and the cash disappeared I ended up homeless living out on the streets begging for change and i realized all those people .
Reaper pause lifts his arm up pointing a finger all around the ring and arena
Reaper:All those people who said they were my friend that they'd have my back no matter what didn't,Oh you all had my back so long as you could make a dollar off me .Then Prayme called me well I was kicking it in a homeless shelter wanting to know if I'd be game to return to this hell hole of a business and I said “How much .

Rachel Leblanc:So Prayme bought you ?
Reaper:He didn't buy nothing he met my price you see all these kids ,growing up men and women that pay to this show well hunny Reaper get a cut,When they buy anything Reaper I get paid .
Rachel Leblanc :Well what about Henlar and Mars you stole Mars dream and handed the title over to Henlar.
Reaper grins then smiles
Reaper:Dreams hmm oh how quickly they can be taken but what i did had nothing to do with Mars he just didn't know a deal was made the check had cleared and his dream was over.
Rachel Leblanc:So Henlar or Prayme met your price to screw over a warrior like Mars .
Reaper steps towards Rachel
Reaper : IF Mars has a problem with what i did I invited him and anyone else who has a problem with it to come to my locker room ,my house this ring and do something about it I'm not hard to find and as far as Henlar goes well he'll remain champion so long as I let him .
Rachel Leblanc:OK OK what about Sketh the intercity your now the #1 contender to his title must have been part of the deal to screw a good man over .
Reaper Sketh was never part of any of this as far as Sketh goes He can keep his championship but just like Henlar as long as i let it be .
Rachel steps towards Reaper now pushing Rebeca further to the side getting right in Reaper face
Rachel Leblanc :So is that it its just all about the money for you?
Reaper leans down looking Rachel in the eyes
Reaper:Yes ,Yes ,Yes how many times and ways do I have to say it I work for me now no one else not Prayme ,Mars ,Henlar ,Sketh nor these pea brain fans I work for Reaper .So if any of you have a problem Plz like i said get in this ring and do something about it .
Reaper walks around the ring eyeing down everyone as he starts to make his way outside the ring down the steps the young rookies part giving him space Reaper slowly makes his way up the ramp way and stops looks back at the ring area and lift the mic up to his mouth .
Reaper :Fear the Reaper “EVEN MORE”.
Reaper drops the mic and walks out of sight as He goes behind the curtains
Rachel Leblanc :I know the man I looked up to is still in there .
Rick Love: Well that was
Ramon Sucre:That was something I guess Rachel is holding on to hope that her child hood hero will return.


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confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )  Empty Re: confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )

Post by Henlar on 2014-11-16, 21:44

Great roleplay man, sorry i didn't leave a comment before Razz

I like that despite helping me i sense that you can still betray me... i will make sure prayme gets you a good paycheck Embarassed


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confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )  Empty Re: confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )

Post by Prayme on 2014-12-04, 08:30

I forgot to leave a reply to jajaj great role play  some corrections to do but this is awsome Smile
Plus The head of Security Rebbeca Brown is also my personal assistant so let's say she is heel as well. Instead of having her with the security between you too maybe just the security doing their job without having the boss around.
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confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )  Empty Re: confronted ( name henlar Mars Prayme and Sketh )

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