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The Hardcore Dragon Sanji Date Debut Empty The Hardcore Dragon Sanji Date Debut

Post by Prayme on 2014-11-17, 02:53

Cameras fades in Coach Jose Interview room.

Coach:Are they here yet! God damn it! They don't have watches in Japan or what?

background voice from staff: They've been waiting for you outside of the door.

Coach: So why the hell anyone couldn't make them walk in this room to have my god damn!! Interview with them! Why I'm the one no one can't help out in the job! God Damn it I will all set you on fire one day! I Swear to me!

Coach goes to his door and make them enter the room for the interview.

Coach: Sorry Sorry! Mistu Mistu.

The two Japanese look at each other making the WTF face.

Coach: What? It's doesn't mean Mister in Japanese?

One them replies

Mr.Wu: It does not mean that Mr.Jose.

Wu extend his hand

Mr.Wu: My name is Wu I Am Sanji Date's translator and manager.

Coach: Oaaahhh Nice to meet you both.

Sanji just stays they not making any kind of extension to salute him.

Coach: So hummm yeahhh let's begin RIGHT!!

The three stands in front of the camera in the perfect angle for the interview:

Coach: So YAH! Welcome both so let's begin with Hummm a question! Yeah A question cause it's an Interview right and It's my job!

Akward moment

Coach: SO hmm What brings you here in MWA why have picked MWA?

Mr.Wu: ( Japanese ) SO MWA eranda riyū o MWA de koko ni anata o motarasu monou ̄ n?

Sanji looks at his manager and smirk

Sanji: ( Japanese ) Watashi wa, MWA wa Amerika de saikō no jōshō resuringu no puromōshondatta, sore wa naze MWAdesunode jibun ni kanshite
no tame ni watashi ga ringu ni jibun no sukiru yori mo hikui mezasu koto wa dekimasen kiita!

Mr.Wu: He said ''I heard MWA was the best rising wrestling promotion in America and for respect to myself
I cannot aim lower than my skills in the ring so that's why MWA!''

Coach: Man he speaks fast and you understood that Wu?

Another Akward moment.

Coach: Ok next question what are you goals in MWA?

Mr.Wu Translate for Sanji as he replies

Sanji:Mokuhyō wa... Watashi wa 1tsu no mokuhyō o motte ori, soreha, MWA de no
chanpionshippu no kin o hoji suru tame ni saisho no nihonjindearu to i

Mr.Wu: He said ''Goals...I have one goal and It's to be the first Japanese to hold a championship gold in MWA''

Coach is about to speak but the Japanese wrestler cuts him off

Sanji:Anata wa anata ga nandearu ka ni shinkokude wa arimasen do~ūingu..
If watashi wa anata ga watashi wa kono kotoba ga kyōfu ni watashi wa kono intabyū o shūryō shimasu...
Anata no Kanada hito ga onajide wa nai negatte imasu...
Kono shunkan ni shigoto o motte inaidarou anata no jōshidatta hādokoadoragon

Coach: Wuuu What Wuuu he said?

Master Wu: He said ''You are not serious in what you are doing..If I was your boss you wouldn't
have a job at this moment...I hope you Canadians are not the same...
I will finish this interview with this words Fear The Hardcore Dragon'' and he is right! we are done here!

Coach: But but but why?

Cmaeras slowly fades to black with a mixed reaction from the crowd
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MWA Next Generation!

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