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First Chapter of my book.

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First Chapter of my book. Empty First Chapter of my book.

Post by Guest on 2014-11-24, 06:44

This is my book I've been writing. This is chapter one. The book's name is Pain.


The thing is, Pain is inevitable, but us, we chose to suffer. No one made us like this. Its just who we are. Pain and Guilt...Shame and Remorse...Just all part of life that maybe one day things can be new again. But the truth is who decides that...Us or the Ones around us. The truth is only a secret, that hides in us, and can only be revealed when our lives become a book...a book written to share our secrets and to finally share what the truth really is.
You see the thing within us, the thing that makes human is our secrets..the secrets that we hide..the secrets we make. Someone once told me that the truth is always revealed in time, but time depends on us. So what does that mean. Does that mean we make time or time makes us. It seems like the truth is just a riddle that we don't even know..even when its our secrets, our truth. A riddle that we can't solve, so the truth is never revealed. We try our hardest to tell the truth, but no one knows it besides the one who holds it. Even I don't know my truth. So how can one say what someone else s truth is when they don't know it them selves. We hide behind doors, behind walls that are unbreakable. Became so lost in trying to find the truth, that really the truth is in what we are doing. We become so lost..we develop so much hate, all because we don't know ourselves good enough to know the truth. We made our selves around our secrets, around lies that other people think is the truth, that we lose the real truth. We start believing that the lies are the truth and the truth is the lie. We get mixed up and the secrets get stored deeper inside us. We get blamed when we lie..we get judged when we tell the truth. So how does everyone demand the truth when in the end they don't share the truth. Our lives are prospered on what we say. Everyone says actions speak louder then words, but it seems now a days, words are how we are labeled..not our actions. We lie once and we our known as a bad person. Even if our actions were good. Words are stronger then they seem. They are unpredictable, and cause so much havoc, that we don't want the truth to be known because then everything will different.
Do you understand what I mean. The truth is darker then what it seems. Its the darkest element their is, all because the truth is so devastating. Writers get their experience not from the truth, not from lies, but we get our imagination from the the experiences we go through in life. The truth is we don't even understand the truth. Its just another word that seems be fading. A word that's meaning is starting to mean nothing. The truth is hidden more and more everyday, but if what we say is not a lie or the truth, then what is it. Its just something we say to get through the day. We hide ourselves in things we love, and end up hating it at the end of the road. We experience so much pain from the truth, that we begin to believe there is no truth. That words are meaningless and they are only used to destroy and break us down. That's why we have so many secrets..that's why we suffer. So at the end of the day whats your it your secrets..or is it something bigger then that. Pain can't be avoided but you chose if you suffer.


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