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Post by Prayme on 2015-01-16, 23:24

Best Roleplays of the season: (A top 5 of the best roleplays)

1-best of you – helena noir

Why is this roleplay the first one in the list? Go and read it. It is just like I read in a comment there… a kickass promo from a 2 week rivalry. The way it was written and for the moment is perfect… is just a great promo for a great upcoming match. Amazing job Helena.

2- Prayme and dark history – kevin dark and prayme

Kevin dark came to MWA with a great and weird character in his mind, the development that he made of it, together with Prayme, was just great and in this roleplay they manage to put a hell of a mistery in the environment. Great work guys.

3-unbroken – aize nishire

Some people think that long roleplays are better and for that reason some people just try to add and add more content to it just to make it longer. Few people are able to do a long consistent roleplay which is well-made in every aspect… content, details, development of the character, etc. This is clearly what happens in this roleplay, one of the best of the season no doubt about it. Amazing roleplay Aize.

4- wrestling warfare – Henlar, Mars, Sketh and Prayme

I read a lot of cooperative roleplays this last season. I think this one was specially one of the best I read, 4 guys making a big roleplay were everyone seem about to punch each other any moment. It’s clear that the tension put here helped the storyline to continue improving and growing. Great work guys, an honor to make roleplays with you.

5-police brutality – Ronnie

This roleplay made a lot of talk back when we first put it(I am serious! In the TWG chat a lot of guys liked it), we talked about it as something funny and stuff. The way how every action is described and the situation itself its very well-made. Nice job ronnie

Honorable mentions:
The return home – ace little
Impromptu interview - Chaos master
L – Leana
A real gentleman wishing good luck - loki

Best Gimmick Award:
Helena noir

Best Match Award: Helena Vs Xtreme Enigma 1

Best Feud Award: Mars – henlar

Most Active award: Reaper

Rookie of the Season:
Kevin Dark

Wrestler of The Season:

Constant Roleplayer:

Kevin dark
Ronnie steeler

Roleplay developer:

Prayme (28 roleplays)
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MWA Next Generation!

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