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A real champion defend the belt at all times.

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A real champion defend the belt at all times. Empty A real champion defend the belt at all times.

Post by Henlar on 2015-01-17, 02:14

Henlar is backstage in Prayme's office cleaning his championship belt with a big smile on his belt, Suddenly someone enters and Henlar jumps putting his belt at his back. Ventura and Beerserker enter the room. Henlar whisper something to himself a bit angry and then he smile to the 2 greeting them.

Henlar: nice to see you two, in fact it's great to see you!

Ventura: Well... thank you... are you okay?

Henlar: Me? never better... i am the champion and i have my family with me... nothing could go wrong... nothing.

Ventura: okay... so about tonight...

Henlar: Yeah... don't worry, my brother put an stipulation were if Mars is defeated with someone else, that "someone else" will be fired. Noone will be the partner of Mars with that, so you 2 shoulnd't have problems with him.

Ventura: And what about Sketh? He will sure give a hand to Mars.

Henlar: Do you really think so? well don't worry, your father has something in mind for Sketh IF he decide to help Mars. Without him, noone else will want to help Mars, so you 2 will easily beat him.

Beerserker: So you want us to have a 1 on 2 against him? That would be too easy, why don't you let me take care of it on my own?

Henlar Beerserker... you are the "agent" here in the mercenaries, just do what i say and everything will be fine okay.

Beerserker doesn't seem happy and stares at Henlar who speak again to calm him down.

Henlar: Everything we are doing, we are doing it with a purpose.

Ventura: And that is...

Henlar: My preciou... i mean... my belt... your father wants me to be the face of this company and we have the duty to keep it that way.

Ventura: I am not my father... i own you a lot but that doesn't mean that...

Henlar: I know you are not your father. But still you are following his steps and also my steps, the ones of your master. Follow me and i promise i will help you out... we are family.

Both of them makes a pause and then Beerserker breaks the silence.

Beerserker: And what about me?

Henlar: You have your paidcheck, dont you?

Beerserker nood his head.

Henlar: I will be looking from here your match, now go and make me proud guys.Beat that guy so he stop whining for a rematch.

Ventura and Beerserker leaves the office while Henlar takes his championship again and  smile.

Henlar: You are mine...  i am the Heavyweight champion!

The camera fades away.

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