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Post by Jason Storm on 2015-02-02, 02:32

The screen fades into picture and we see that we are in the backstage locker rooms of the arena. Tables and chairs litter the entire room with random pieces of clothes and shoes lying on the ground. All of a sudden, the man holding the camera gets pushed aside from the entrance and the screen sways back and forth as the man tries to reposition it back to normal. As the man gains his focus back he turns to his side to see who moved him out of the way. Jason Storms body comes into the frame.

Jason Storm:  “I guess next time you won’t be standing in the middle of the door now wantcha mate?”

The screen bobs up and down as the man shakes his head, and inevitably the camera as well.

Jason Storm:  “Now run along. I need to do some things.”

???: “Just wait a second there sir.”

A female voice comes from off screen.

???: “I have some questions that I would like to ask you on record Mr. Storm.”

The female from off camera moves in the picture and we see that it is Rachel Leblanc. She positions herself next to Jason Storm in a way to show her “good side”.

Rachel Leblanc: “So, Mr. Storm, after just two weeks here in MWA, how are you enjoying your stay.”

Jason Storm:  (Condescending) “Well you know Rach, it’s been good. Competition is easy and the fans adore me. So all in all, it’s pretty good so far.”

Rachel Leblanc: “You say that the competition, and I quote, “Is easy.” How is it then you haven’t even won a match in MWA yet. Losing to both Nic Nitro in your debut match and then losing to Jax Reynolds last week in one of the Destiny’s Case qualifying matches. So I find it hard to believe, and think it is rather immature, for you to say that.”

Jason just stares at Rachel is disapproval

Jason Storm:  “First off Rach, these past few weeks I haven’t really been….how do you say it….trying. There is still no need for me to “try”. I keep getting put up against these no life wannabe jobbers with no talent. So that right there, is the reason why I have lost both matches.”

Rachel stands there with one hand holding the microphone and the other resting on her hip. She rolls her eyes.

Rachel Leblanc: “My name is Rachel, not Rach. So address me correctly.”

Jason Storm:  (sarcastically) “My bad, I will make sure to do that next time.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Moving on…If all of your opponents are no life wannabe jobbers as you put, then how can they beat such an experience wrestler as yourself?”

Jason Storm:  “As you may or may not understand, as long as I’m getting put one on one against the likes of people like Nic and Jax, there is no need for me to try at all. So I throw the match and let the other dude win…out of the kindness out of my heart.”

Rachel Leblanc: “How do you expect to be taken serious in this company?”

Jason Storm:  “How do I expect to be taken serious you ask? Well for starters, I am going to head up to the ole GM’s officer and demand to be given better opponents. I want to at least have somewhat of a challenge when I step into the ring.”

Rachel Leblanc: “So you are going to beg for harder opponents? Most people would do the opposite and rather face weaker people, people they know they beat in a match.”

Jason smirks in the direction of Rachel

Jason Storm:  “That may be how you American’s do it here, but back in my hometown we earn everything. We like to challenge ourselves and push ourselves to do better. The American way seems weak and pathetic. (Laughing) No wonder everyone seems easy.”

Rachel Leblanc: “Sounds like an admirable thing to do Jason. I guess I never thought about putting it like that. But what are you going to say to Mr. Rosario?”

Jason Storm:  “I’m just going to ask…what no…I’m going to demand better skilled opponents. I am sure a man with his such prestige and passion for this company would agree that I need more of a challenge. Someone with my stature and determination needs more of a challenge.”

After saying that, he closes his metal locker door and grabs a bag from the cluttered floor of the room.

Jason Storm:  “It is about time for me to be going now. I must go talk with the GM. Time get some CENSORED changed around here.”

Jason takes his belongs and heads to the door and exits off the screen as it fades to black.

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