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An unexpected situation opens a new opportunity

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An unexpected situation opens a new opportunity  Empty An unexpected situation opens a new opportunity

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-03, 17:41

Cameras fades in written on the titantron '' an Hour before the show '' in Mr.Rosario's office.

Becky Brown: This is bad boss...

Becky drops the docs on the desk.

Mr.Rosario: You got to be kidding...the man was on a good run...

Becky Brown: Read the it all...he is positive.

Mr.Rosario takes the docs and starting reading them.

Mr.Rosario: It can be true...

Becky Brown: Well sir...his previous fed was full of stolen docs and conspiracy...this doesn't surprise me.

Prayme finishes the reading.

Mr.Rosario: I can't believe this...another guy who couldn't resist to this drug...

Becky: Will you suspend him?

Mr.Rosario: I will fire him! This is no game for don't respect your body you don't respect the value of the company!

Becky: Should I make the call boss?

Mr.Rosario: No I hired him I will personally call him to fire take care of the announcement on the match...we lost a competitor for the Destiny's case match give the opportunity to two others man who deserve it.

Becky: Jason Storm...should have it...but won't make it easy I will make him face our newest acquisition El Desconocido.

Mr.Rosario: Hummm MWA VS MAD tonight...great let's spice it up! Good choice!
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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