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Post by Guest on 2015-02-06, 02:35

The camera turns on in the back showing Rachel Leblanc who appears to be sporting a Loki T-shirt

The crowd cheers at the sight and chants of Loki ring out surprising Rachel

Rachel Leblanc:Well hello ,Well i guess you can tell whom I'm backing in tonight's main event .
Loki ,Loki,
Rachel Leblanc:Yes Loki ,Loki the brights rising star in MWA today ,But I'm not here to interview Loki. Rachel turns as does the camera to real a door the simple reads Reaper .
Rachel knocks on the door Reaper opens the door
Reaper: Hey Rach long time no see was beginning to think we wasn't friends .
Rachel Leblanc: Reaper I'm just here cause I wanted to tell you to your face Loki going to beat you Loki going to beat you
Reaper places his hand over Rachel mouth and the fans pick up the chant Reaper pulls his hand away from Rachel mouth placing a finger softly against her lips the fans quiet down with there chants
Reaper: Loki,Loki ,Loki (Laughs ) You know I love it everywhere I've gone this pass week all i hear is Loki ,Loki even seeing those stupid T-shirts .
Looks at Rachel
Reaper :Thought you had some class .Anyways Tonight i crush everyone great new hero Loki you did it you beat Ventura you lived up to your end and tonight you get your shot .
Rachel Leblanc: Is it going be a fair shot or
Reaper:Loki know this you walk your ass down that ramp way you step between toss and will make history will see if Loki the real deal or if Loki goes from Hero to Zero in less the 60 mins .
Reaper turns into his locker room reaches into his bag pulls out some Fear the reaper T-shirts ,looks at Rachel and the camera crew drapes a fear the Reaper T-shirt over their heads
Reaper : There you go now that's class.
The camera shakes then focus back on to Rachel who just starting to remove the shirt from her head .
Reaper :Hey you all owe me 9.99 for those shirts .
The camera fades


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