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Post by Helena on 2015-02-06, 17:54

Rachel Leblanc is standing right out of the General Manager's office door.

Rachel Leblanc: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm standing right here waiting for the wrestler known as Ashiga, who just one week ago made a tremendous impact in the Torture Chamber Division. Hey, look the door is opening!"

On the treshold, the smiling face of Bisahalani is staring right in the camera. Behind him, the massive figure of his client Ashiga. The two natives stop right next to Rachel. The interviewer looks impressed by the wrestler's size, just staring at him for some seconds.

Bisahalani: "Good evening miss. I can't help but see that you, just like anyone else should definetely be, are speechless, staring at the soon to be face of this company. This kid is a star! He has the look, the strength, the skills, the body and the heart of a champion!"

Rachel shakes off, regaining her professional composure.

Rachel Leblanc: "You must be his manager, Tongue-Of-A-Snake..."

Bisahalani: "Just Bobby for you ma'am"

Rachel Leblanc: "So... Bobby... I hope you don't mind if I ask some questions directly to Ashiga... I'm sure you know that he's the one our fans want to hear..."

Bisahalani: "Good luck with that young woman! Ashiga isn't very keen to speak with people outside of his tribe. And don't get him wrong, it's not because he's somehow angry with what the young men did to our people years ago... It's just that his family has always been very protective with him, and so was our tribe. they believe he's the incarnation of the God of Thunders, which by the way, could explain his extraordinary fighting skills... But I digressed. As a matter of fact, I'm the one doing the talking..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Ok, whatever... We all witnessed him last week making quick work out of his opponent, in a dominant display. The fans immediatly got behind him, and they can't wait to see him back in action..."

Bisahalani: "Can you blame them? I mean, seriously... Whoever sees such a force of nature step into a wrestling ring will immediatly ask himself . What's the limit for this kid? And I'm happy to answer this question sincerely... There's no limit for him."

Rachel Leblanc: "I can see it, but next time, I'd really appreciate if you let me finish the question first. It's kinda annoying not being able to..."

Again, Bobby cuts her off. Rachel doesn't seem to take this new interruption kindly, looking very bothered

Bisahalani: "My bad miss. You know I tend to go a bit long-winded when talking of my boy here..."

Rachel Leblanc: "And yet you did it again.. Nevermind let's end this interview with one last question. You just left the TCD commissioner's office. What did miss Brown told you? Is Ashiga going to compete in a match tonight?"

Bisahalani: "Yes of course! And if you ask me, she booked a great match. She said that Ashiga will go one on one against Sanji Date, which, if I remember correctly, is one of the brightest talent in Torture Chamber, a sure breakout star, which already competed in a match in the main show. And not a simple match, he was in a Destiny Case qualifying! This is the proof that MWA's management considers him almost ready to take the big step and fight on a weekly basis against the big names in this company. So tonight, when Ashiga will put him down for the one-two-three, they will realize who the next big thing really is..."

His expression quickly changes as Sanji, accompanied by Master Wu, steps into the frame.
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