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Post by Helena on 2015-02-11, 12:50

Rick Love: "Here we go, the last match of this rich pre-show, featuring some of the best Torture Chamber has to offer"

Ramon Sucre: "And we saved the best for last! There are such high expectations on these two young guys, after the great match they had one week ago!"

Rick Love: "I can't agree more partner... So why waist more time, let's go to the match!"

All the lights in the Arena suddenly shut off. A flashing light pierce the darkness, as short clip of a lightning striking appears on the titantron, quickly followed by the sound of a thunder. What seems to be a campfire lights right on the entrance stage. Four natives are beating rithmically on drums, while four others are dancing around the fire, chanting some incomprehensible words in their language. Ashiga walks out from the curtain, followed by his manager. He is wearing a featherly headgear, probably some sort of ritual item. With a slow pace, he enters the natives circle, throw some kind of powder in the fire, causing a thick grey smoke raising from it. He sits with his legs crossed right in front of the firecamp, facing the ring. He lowers his head and close his eyes, as the chants are growing in intensity and speed. He then bends his head back, watching the roof with his arms open wide, before jumping back on his feet and walking to the ring. Once inside the ropes, he solemnly removes the headgear and gives it to the ring announcer who's lending Bisahalani a microphone.

Rick Love: "Well talk about some awe-inspiring entrance... I still have chills!"

Bisahalani: "Good evening everyone. I know you all are excited by this upcoming match, and for the rest of tonight's card of course... But I will take only a couple of minutes of your attention. A couple of minutes not to talk about my boy, Ashiga, but to speak of his challenger, Sanji Date."

Half of the crowd starts chanting Sanji's name.

Bisahalani: "You're right, he deserves your cheers. He proved to be one of the toughest competitor in TCD, Ashiga and I have nothing but the upmost respect for him. He has everything to succeed in this business, a unique look, some amazing in ring abilities, that never say die attitude that will take him to the very top of this industry. And he can count on the precious guide of a man of great wisdom, like Master Wu."

He pauses for some seconds, pondering his words.

Bisahalani: "But we all know that there can be only one number one... And that spot belongs to Ashiga's by birthright. He's considered to be the avatar of the God Of Thunder himself, the Navajo Nation's prime warrior. It's very commendable that you want to give another try at taking the top spot away from him Sanji, this iPPV name is Glory Or Honor, and in the hearths of warriors like you and Ashiga there's this unstoppable impulse to achieve them both. It's what drives guys like you... It's what makes guys like you different from anyone else."

The crowd cheers, almost splitted in half, chanting for both men.

Bisahalani: "Sanji, there's no shame in being number two, when the number one is THE ONE! And trust me, being the next top guy right after someone like Ashiga, and being able to go toe to toe with him, already makes you better than anyone else in Torture Chamber. But thanks for trying, we love a good fight. And so these fans..."

He rolls out of the ring, leaving Ashiga in his corner waiting for Sanji.
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